Belgian CDH President Benoit Lutgen

Belgian CDH President Benoit Lutgen

The Centennial of the Armenian Genocide and the worldwide memorials have had a great impact on the recognition process of the Genocide. In different countries the Armenian populations stood united to remind the world of the ottoman atrocities against the Armenian people that still go unpunished. Some countries recognized the Armenian Genocide prior to April 24, others are still commemorating, and even celebrating the memory of the rebirth of the Armenians and the 1st Republic on the 28th of May 1918.

But when it comes to the Turkish government, they are still misleading their people and making further lies and excuses to go on with their denial. And the latest victim of the Turkish propaganda is a Belgian politician of Turkish origin, who hides behind the freedom of expression in order not to recognize the Armenian Genocide.

Anadolu Agency reports that the President of the Humanist Democratic Centre Party, Benoit Lutgen asked Mahinur Ozdemir “to sign a communique recognizing the 1915 events and told her she would be expelled from the party if she refused.”

The Main Question is, since when do Turkish people care about freedom of expression, as everyone who dares to express his or her own freedom is either jailed, or expelled from the country or shut dead as late Hrant Dink from Agos Newspaper, who openly spoke about reconciliation.

“I stand by my opinions on this issue. I will not give up. I stand for the right to freedom of expression…Unfortunately the Humanist Democratic Centre [Party] took a decision which is incompatible with humanism and democracy, and proved it does not harbor Europe’s fundamental value of freedom of expression,” Ozdemir said.

The ideology of the CDH Party is “democratic humanism, inspired by personalism inherited notably from christian humanism”.

The Party announced that following a news report with Ms. Ozdemir on Television, broadcast on the 28th of May, on RTL TV1; The Ethics Committee, Ethics and Arbitration CDH received on Friday, May 29, 2015 Mrs. Mahinur Ozdemir, Brussels regional deputy.
Mahinur Özdemir heard by the Ethics Committee, The Committee, chaired by Dominique DRION, heard Mrs Özdemir and asked her to reaffirm that she unequivocally recognizes the Armenian genocide, in accordance with what is stipulated in the code of conduct for candidates and CDH Parliamentarians.

The Party officially announced, “Mrs Özdemir refused to recognize the Armenian Genocide, which is contrary to the values ​​upheld by the CDH. The recognition of a genocide does not support an ambiguous attitude and demands total clarity.
The Ethics Committee informed the local and Regional President that Mrs. Özdemir does not share this fundamental commitment of the CDH, therefore should, in line with its commitments, deliver its mandates of regional MP and local councilor.

Earlier this month, on the occasion of the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, CDH humanists Deputies filed a motion for a resolution and started co-signing wit other democratic parties.

Considering this resolution, Belgium like other countries would join the initiative as the Netherlands and Sweden. Given the context (commemorating 100 years of genocide), humanists Deputies wanted this proposal to be examined quickly in the committee and gather a large majority.