On the 8th of July of 2018, Armenian Prime Minister Nigol Pashinyan addresses 400 diasporans, members of the Armenian Apostolic Church who came to Armenia from 20 different countries, in a very touching speech:

A Warm Greeting

Brothers and sisters, and dear Joudigner(newly hatched chicks),
It gives me great joy, to see you all here in Armenia, all of you gathered here in Yerevan. I am convinced that many in Armenia share this feeling of happiness with me… When you are walking in the streets of Yerevan, to see you having fun.

In general, let me tell you that i have posted a status on Facebook, about a year ago, trying to describe my vision of how Armenia in the future.

The Vision of The Future Armenia

A vision that i saw quite a while ago, and seemed to be an interesting majestic scene:

Two people on both sides of Apovian Street, talking together in Western Armenian, setting a meeting, agreeing where they should meet.

It was an epic scene that made me feel happy inside, because when we say that we imagine Armenia as a state, that should centralize and include all Armenian human resources, that is the majority of Armenians inside Armenian borders; meanwhile, guaranteeing these people’s, our people’s majority’s security and safe accommodation.

This not only a concept but a target to come true.

We would like you to give us this joy more often, to your Homeland.
we would love you to be here on a pilgrimage or without,
to be with your brothers and sisters, parents and relatives,
to stay longer, to be more often and as long as and as more often as,
that you make us think that it’s not that you have come to Armenia for a short while
but instead to make us think that you have to return shortly to your United States of America,
or Russia, or Europe, Australia, Lebanon or all over….

This is our question! This is our aim, because the Republic of Armenia is a country that is our, all our Motherland.
The Republic of Armenia is a country where we should live and create,
where we should get married, and where we should have our children,
where we should pray and where we should go on pilgrimages…
where we should invite our other compatriots for a pilgrimage,
and to pledge to stay, and to populate,
to pledge to make our Homeland more powerful everyday,
and to make this pledge an everyday job for us.

This is our aim, and believe me, we are serving this aim everyday.

There is no other meaningful objective, more important than
that the Armenian Republic should, with all means, be the best economical, political, social place for all of us to live in.
It should be for every Armenian and our target and ambition is as big, as strong, and as inclusive that i think that no one doubts that.
Soon with all our efforts, shoulder to shoulder, we will reach our goals.

Thank you for being here, thank you for agreeing to be devoted to this goal, and to put efforts for this goal.

So, long live Freedom, long live the Armenian Republic, long live you, us, our children,
and all of us who live and will live free and happy in Armenia, Thank you.

You may find the Armenian speech on Asekose.am Youtube video info.