The Identity Preservation Program

ARF 126th Celebrations

The video above is a recording of the live celebrations of the 126th anniversary of ARF in Lebanon, that took place on Friday the 27th of January 2017 in Beirut Lebanon, in the presence of representatives of various organizations, parties, guests and supporters.

The event started with a request for a moment of silence, in memory of the Martyrs of the ARF, reminding the audience of the Heroic presence of the ARF in Lebanon throughout the past decades.

The Representative of the ARF Lebanese Gomide, Unger Hagop Pakradouni , announced the launching of social funds, that will serve the Identity Preservation Program, and contribute to the improvement of the Lebanese Armenian society. “Our political task is to restore the Armenian Representative bloc.” and “We Officially declare the Initiation of Funds that Contribute to the preservation of our national identity “.

Pakradouni promised to preserve and improve the Lebanese Armenian identity of Bourj Hammoud, and Ainjar, where the ARF heroes sometimes lost their lives, during the Lebanese Civil war, in order to defend the Armenian presence.

He announced the launch of Funds in a move to preserve the identity of the Armenian Family, which is affected by various social and economic factors.

The Funds

A Fund that will provide financial support to Armenian couples, who choose to have a traditional Armenian Wedding.
A fund that will provide financial support to baptize Armenian Children, with Armenian names and cover church expenses.
A fund that will offer the third, fourth… child of a family a birthday gift of 2000 dollars at least.
A Fund for financial support for the Armenian students who have graduated from Armenian high schools and desire to continue in any Lebanese University.

Pakradouni also announced the start of a war on drugs and immoral internet factors.

The ARF has been the spinal cord of the Diaspora and has for many years stood by the Armenian Communities worldwide. In Lebanon, the ARF Heroes have for years defended the Armenian regions, schools, churches, educational and business institutions, etc… during the civil war, they have contributed to improving the Lebanese Armenian presence politically, and in keeping the Armenian traditions and legacy alive. Today, The ARF proves to be the Pioneer to strengthen the Armenian values to continue strong towards a better Armenian Future, and our Armenian leaders worldwide should follow.