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This time its the Lieutenant Governor, and the President of Nevada Senate state , who urges the American Congress and President to recognize the Armenian Genocide, ” On this day, February 28, 2015, I, Lieutenant Governor Mark A. Hutchison, and the State of Nevada wish to acknowledge the anniversary of the April 24th, 1915 Armenian Genocide. ”
The Lieutenant Governor who has maintained a good relationship with the Armenian Community of Nevada, has seriously condemned the harsh days Armenian people have witnessed throughout the Genocide, with all the systematic killings and deportations that lasted until 1923, and has expressed gratitude and pride in the way survivors who went to The United States, were thriving and determined to continue and remember.
The Governor urges The Nevadan community to help raise awareness of the Genocide and to participate in the remembrance and mourning of the loss of 1.5 million innocent lives over a century ago.
In the End of the letter Governor Hutchison demands the US President and Congress to recognize the atrocities committed against the Armenian people. and Urges The Government of Turkey to recognize the facts and work for a resolution.
The Armenian Community of Las Vegas appreciates the hard work of many of its members and have expressed their gratitude to the Lieutenant Governor through Arsen Ter Petrosyan for his efforts.

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