Anashen Navasartian ‘My trip to Armenia. A little something for those who have never been to Armenia.’

Anashen was born in Iran. went to Melkonian in Cyprus for her education at the age of 11. She stayed there for 5 years then moved to Armenia to study at the Yerevan state university of theater and cinematography. In 2012 Anashen moved to Los Angeles USA, and visited Armenia this summer for her cousin’s wedding.

When we asked Anashen ‘why and what have you shot this short film for?’ her answer was very clear as all patriotic Armenians out there. ‘I wanted to give people a general idea of how relaxing the aura of Armenia is. And I threw in a bit of the nature in as well as art (film) and culture (vartivor), My family was always the host for the tourists but this time I was the tourist.’ wishes all the luck to our future Film Director who already has a BA in Cinematography.