The Turkish-western backed “Moderate rebels” in Idlib have kidnapped, raped and stoned a Syrian Armenian woman by the name Suzanne Der Krikor to death.

The retired teacher, Suzanne der Krikor is a victim of a heinous crime in Syria.
Virgin at sixty, she died under the repeated assaults of the jihadists of Al Nusra.

Since the beginning of the war, Suzanne took care of the olive groves and fruit trees of the family estate. She taught Arabic to the children of her village.
Once retired, she continued her volunteer work with the youth of Kneye Village Church. She helped them obtain their baccalaureate and certificate degrees. Coming from a financially stable family, she was not required to teach classes to live, yet she continued her mission to the end.

The body of the Armenian woman Suzanne Der Krikor was found in a garden in the neighboring orchards of the village of “El-Shoghur.”

The hideous crime was discovered during the weekly meeting of some Jacobite women in the Armenian church there. They inspected Suzanne’s absence from the meeting and began searching for her until they found her body in one of the orchards near her home. Meanwhile, the White Helmets have shared an image of its workers covering a body outside a villa, according to

According to the information received, Der Krikor was assaulted by the moderate rebels for nine consecutive hours and was subsequently stoned.

The victim was 60 years old and worked as an Arabic language teacher for generations until she retired. She is one of the Yacoubis who stayed there to guard their groves and possessions.

H.E. Archbishop Massis Zobouian, with the family of the Martyr

H.E. Archbishop Massis Zobouian, with the family of the Martyr

A Requiem Service was held on Sunday 21 June 2019, in memory of the Martyred teacher, at the 40 Martyrs Cathedral in Aleppo.
H.E. Archbishop Massis Zobouian, the Prelate, later met with the sister of the victim, relatives, and fellow Jacobites.

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