Today we remembered the actor Omar Sharif, who had passed away two years ago. The actor portrayed the role in a perfect way, capturing the hearts of Armenians especially with the scene of his passing, symbolizing the passing of our grandfathers with their unfulfilled wish of returning to their homelands.

The shock is great as we hear that his co-actor in Mayrig actress Isabelle Sadoyan passed away on the same day, a coincidence of course. We wanted to share her profile in order to have as many prayers for her as possible so that she may also rest in peace.

Her Profile according to Le Monde

Actress Isabelle Sadoyan, a figure of the Lyon theater, died Monday, July 10 at the age of 89 years, as announced by the National Popular Theater (TNP) of Villeurbanne.

Born in Lyon in 1928, Isabelle Sadoyan studied at the Conservatory of her hometown before participating in the creation of the Théâtre de la Comédie in 1950, with Roger Planchon and actor Jean Bouise, whom she married in 1954.

In Paris, Isabelle Sadoyan participated in plays by the greatest directors and also worked for television and especially the cinema, directed by Claude Sautet, Luis Bunuel, Jeanne Moreau, Claude Chabrol, Luc Besson, Claude Lelouch and Jean-Luc Godard.

In 2010, she was nominated for the Molière best actress in a supporting role for Les Fausses Confidences, directed by Didier Bezace. She will eventually got the reward in 2014 for her role in The Origin of the World.

Passionate about theater, she was still performing in October 2016 on the stage of the Théâtre de l’Œuvre, in Paris. She then gave the reply to Robert Hirsch, 91, in a play about the difficulty of being old with the premonition title: Avant de s’envoler.