On Sunday 07-June-2015 Marcel Ghanem’s interview with Charles Aznavour will be on “kalam el nas” a political discussion talk show of LBCI Lebanese TV channel.

Announcements and promos of the upcoming talk show on Sunday are already on social media and the LBCI, LDC TV channels.

But the thing is back in August 2014 Mr. Marcel Ghanem insulted Charles Aznavour with his shocking intro live on air with his Famous words calling Aznavour “bi Kel kharaf” mentally unstable (senile) and he did not even bother to apologize.

I wonder why would you bother to interview a KHERFEN (as you described him)?

No words can describe this embarrassment, we want our readers to watch the video above and the one below.

Marcel Ghanem

Marcel Ghanem (born 1964) is a Lebanese journalist. He hosted the widely popular Lebanese political talk show “Kalam El-Nas” and now he is hosting another Lebanese political talk show “Sar El wa2et”. He graduated from Lebanese University with a Bachelor of Laws degree in 1987. He then practiced as an attorney between 1987 and 1994.
During the 2017 Lebanon–Saudi Arabia dispute crisis, Marcel Ghanem hosted in his political talk show Kalam El-Nas Saudi journalists who attacked the Lebanese Armed Forces and accused the president of Lebanon, the Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon and the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Emigrants of Lebanon as terrorists. Ghanem is also known for hosting Ahmed al-Assir in his political talk show. Some Lebanese criticized the fact that Assir was given a media platform despite his provocative speeches against other religions.

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