Letter to Santa, Ani from Artsakh

Ani’s letter to Santa

Below Ani’s Letter:

Parev Dear Santa,

I am Ani, I am 7, I live in Artsakh.

My Dad is a soldier, and he is always away from home.

This year I want nothing for myself.

I would like you to send my share of presents to the soldiers.

I would like you to deliver lots of sweets to them.

I have one more request,

if you can, make sure

that our enemy doesn’t fire too,

so that my Daddy would be able to come home and celebrate the New Year with us.


The letter brings tears to the eyes, and hopefully, both in Armenia and Artsakh, young children, specially those whose parents are in the military, enjoy peaceful years and continue growing up in beautiful family circles.

According to the ARS, after the Ceasefire in Artsakh, the number of orphans was 7,500, gradually, the number continued to decline. By 2003, the number of supported orphans had declined to 1,200. By 2007, the number was 550, and the number of orphans continued to decline 100-120 per year. By 2012, the number was 63 and will decrease to under 20 the following year.

Various Armenian schools in the diaspora have always organized letter campaigns, to be sent to the soldiers fighting in Artsakh and defending our motherland. It is our hope that all military personnel would be able to return home safely, to celebrate the Holiest of the holiday seasons.