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All about KOHAR

KOHAR Symphony Orchestra & Choir of Gyumri, Armenia, is the most popular orchestra in its rendition of ‘All-Time Armenian Favorites’, with an innovative and revised arrangement and orchestration, which has become the trademark name of its Armenian music and songs.”

Founded and financed by the Khatchadourian brothers, in 1997, a masterwork of creative director and conductor Sebouh Abcarian.  Kohar has performed and enchanted audiences with 150 musicians, 15 solo singers, and dancers, eventually evolving into Symphony Orchestra in 2000.

KOHAR’s first major concert tour ‘All-Time Armenian Favourites’, took place in the summer of 2002, in Cyprus and Lebanon, spread over four days. The well-devised repertoire served as a distinctive cultural experience, drawing more than 4000 people. BIEL, downtown Beirut, transformed the hall into a scenic, a memorable and glorifying moment for Armenian musical history. According to media, the collection of traditional & popular songs “drew many into tears of nostalgia, reminiscence, and pride”. WIKI

Ever since then, the Ensemble has performed in Yerevan, Istanbul, Moscow, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Detroit, Damascus, Aleppo, Chicago, Boston, Toronto, and Montreal, in addition to New York’s Carnegie Hall.

Awards and Honours

-Intermedia Award at the World Media Festival
Hamburg, Germany (2004)
-Anoush Achievement Award at Seventh Annual Armenian Music Awards
Hollywood Palladium, California (2005)
-“Movses Khorenatsi” medal by President Serzh Sargsyan to Founder Harout Khatchadourian
Armenia (2011 )


KOHAR first released the 46 All-Time Armenian Favorites songs and dances DVD, including a bilingual lyrics booklet, with advanced audiovisual performance and included subtitles. Nowadays DVDs of almost all of their concerts are available to the public.

Watch the beautiful performance of the All-Time Armenian Favorites on Armenian First TV in the above video that was aired on Armenian Public TV satellite channel.

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