The world was watching yesterday as The Kardashian Sisters’ and their alleged cousins’ toured in Armenia, The Cascades, Keghart Monastery, Mother Armenia Statue, and a visit to Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan, that led to the world to wonder “What on EARTH did they talk about? Kim and Khloe Kardashian meet with Armenia’s Prime Minister during tour of the country”-REBECCA DAVISON and JOANNA CRAWLEY of the

[ad id=”1838″]To the surprise of many Kim was seen taking pictures of a look-alike doll in front of Mother Armenia Statue, reminding us of previous teaser “tweets” about the Barbie “Dash” dolls, resembling her and her and her well known sisters from the famous reality series “Keeping up with the Kardashians”.

Back in 2012, according to “Us Weekly”, Kim, Khloé and Kourtney were supposed to be immortalized as Barbie’s pals in a “limited-edition” series of dolls. “Us” also cited a source who said that the dolls “will reflect the girls’ measurements and may even come in Kardashian-designed outfits.”
According to E! News reports back in 2012, the Kardashian Barbies were in the works and should have been available later that year. They added that the limited-edition dolls were unofficially being referred to as “Dash dolls,” since they’d be outfitted in fashions that could be purchased at the Kardashian’s Dash boutiques (of course).

The world is watching Armenia honor Kim Kardashian and treat her the homecoming Superhero, Royal, Red carpet way. To the world, Star Struck Armenians are offering the Armenian Traditional “Bread and Salt” welcome to a scandalous celebrity, the undisputed queen of selfies and instagram. Covering her visit nationally and keeping the Diaspora busy with her activities, as she visits with her husband Kanye and Daughter North West.

Supporters and haters unite for Kim who was recently praised by many for raising recognition for the Armenian genocide of 1915: “For all the flak people give Kim Kardashian, I could say that with her yearly commemorations of the Armenian genocide and spreading that word, she’s been valuable. She’s been great,” frontman of System of a Down, Serj Tankian told Rolling Stone.

People are expecting so much of Kim, surrounding the Marriott where she is staying just to set eyes on her. President of the National Assembly of Armenia, Galust Sahakyan told “” that he is proud of her and all Armenians from the diaspora, such as Charles Aznavour, who help in spreading the Genocide truth to the world. Artist/politician Shoushan Petrossyan and Garine Adjemyan also underlined the importance of her 70 million followers who are all know well aware of the Armenian Genocide.

Kim Kardashian apologized to many fans and promised to learn the Armenian Language giving them hope for a long term relationship. So much is being expected from her as all eyes are set on her estimated multi Million Dolar empire: will she announce the release the Dash Doll in the upcoming days? Will her rapper husband Kanye West or Yeezus, who declares he is “God” in his latest album perform for the Armenian Public during his visit, or will they open The Dash Boutique for the Armenian Public? Will there be mass production of the KIM DASH Doll? Armenians all around the world are waiting to find out. [blog_list style=”def” display=”specific” category=”null” specific=”2323″]