She was abused by her own family

A woman by the name of Isik Abla gives her testimony about how she met Jesus. Tells how her Muslim Turkish ancestors tied 15 Armenians together and burned them, and received a medal from the government for doing so.
After a lifetime of abuse, molestation and depression she asks God once again, for his help, and this time Jesus answers.

Touching story, I had to share because, as Armenians, we need people like this family to acknowledge the truth and only then we will start the healing process in our hearts.

Our Ancestors were victims of the Genocide, but at the same time, there were some good-hearted people who helped Armenians hide and then flee. Our nation is greatly affected by the pain and needs emotional healing to go on with our lives.

To be able to forgive, we should feel the real regrets, so that we would. Until then, We will non stop Remember and Demand.