A disturbing video has been published on YouTube on the 1st of August, showing a group of Armenians gathered in front Glendale’s St. Mary Armenian church, and looking like trying to solve the Armenian crisis by creating some scenes of violence and abuse by the local church members.

Is this The solution? Fighting one another? It looks like years of suppressed anger against our church suddenly revealed in the context of fighting corruption in Armenia, and if they’re not with us, they’re against us and we call them Turks????

Have we forgotten that our churches in the diaspora were there first to build schools for us, teaching us our language and culture? Have we forgotten our Great Grandparents who believed in our church mission and wholeheartedly contributed in a way or another in building these institutions?

Last year we were commemorating the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide, we were remembering and demanding, but other than on April 24, no one cared to demonstrate and demand the Turks to acknowledge the Atrocities.

No matter what is happening in Armenia, despite whoever is right or wrong, have we lost our minds to attack and blame one another? How about uniting and asking for reforms in a smarter move? Or how about returning to Armenia and improving our less fortunate cities??

So many questions remain unanswered yet another question comes up, Armenians have a great reputation of standing by each other when in need, do we need to change that too???

The video shows a group of people being ignored by men in front of the church, then trying to intimidate them, calling them names and pushing them, and when these men push back, they play the victims.