ARF Signals Support For Pashinyan’s Candidacy as Prime Minister
Tsarukyan says his faction will support the “people’s candidate” while the Republican Party of Armenia offered a tacit mea culpa and separately said it would not introduce its own candidate for the prime minister position.

The Armenian Revolutionary Federation on Saturday signaled its support for opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan as prime minister of Armenia “should he be nominated” during a special session of parliament scheduled for Tuesday, at which time the legislature will vote for a new prime minister.
On Friday, the ARF (Dashnaktsutyun) Supreme Council of Armenia issued an announcement calling on parliamentary factions to “cooperatively form a common agenda and to agree on a single candidate for prime minister, who is trusted by the people, and who will form a government and present a program of solidarity,” Continue Reading…

The Guardian

Armenia’s ruling party bows out of PM race to ‘avoid confrontation’
Opposition leader Nikol Pashinyan calls on parliament to elect him after mass protests oust longtime ruler Serzh Sargsyan.

Armenia’s ruling party will not put up a candidate for prime minister as it attempts to ease tensions after more than two weeks of street protests.
Demonstrations against the party and official corruption forced Serzh Sargsyan, a former president, to resign as prime minister on 23 April and the parliament is due to pick a new one on 1 May. Continue Reading…

Al Jazeera

Armenia’s ruling party will not nominate candidate for PM
In an effort to avoid stoking more tension in the region, ruling party will not nominate a candidate for prime minister, spokesperson says.

A spokesman for Armenia’s ruling party announced they will not nominate a candidate for prime minister.
He says it is an effort to avoid stoking more tension in the region.
Meanwhile, the anti-government movement behind weeks of protests is demanding the election of their leader Nikol Pashinyan.
Al Jazeera’s Robin Forestier-Walker reports on a day of political drama from the northern Armenian city of Vanadzor.

Nikol Pashinyan: There should be no monopolies in Armenia
There should be no monopolies in Armenia, the opposition MP Nikol Pashinyan told RBK.

His remark came in response to comment on economic initiatives that he will offer if he becomes Armenian PM before the early parliamentary elections.
According to him, 20 thousand food items are imported in Armenia by a very narrow circle of businessmen.
“Carrefour Group is one of the largest companies in sugar trade. But this company is forbidden to import sugar to Armenia. We need to allow them to do this as well as to allow other companies, and we will definitely do it. And we also intend to reform the trade system in order to destroy the shadow economy,” he said. Continue Reading…

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Armenian Ruling Party Won’t Nominate PM Candidate; Pashinian Tells Cheering Crowds To Join ‘Popular Movement’

Armenia’s ruling party announced on April 28 that it will not nominate a candidate for prime minister in a bid to ease tensions amid the biggest political crisis in the Caucasus nation in years, while the United States urged all parties to engage in “good faith negotiations.”
Armenian lawmakers are scheduled to meet on May 1 to vote on a replacement for Serzh Sarkisian, who resigned on April 23 amid massive street demonstrations over his selection as prime minister.
So far, the only candidate to step forward is opposition lawmaker Nikol Pashinian, who was at the forefront of the anti-government protests that prompted Sarkisian to step down. Continue Reading…

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Armenians stage further rallies ahead of key vote
Armenians are back on the streets with further protests, this time hoping to get parliament to elect opposition leader Nikola Pashinian as prime minister.

Supporters of Armenia’s protest leader Nikol Pashinian staged further protests on Sunday – two days ahead of a key election that could see Pashinian rise to power. The 42-year-old politician called on his supporters to block roads in the capital Yerevan throughout the day on Sunday and to stage a massive rally in the evening.
Pashinian made comments earlier saying his colleagues in parliament should elect him as the country’s next prime minister. Two major parties are already backing Pashinian, but the opposition lawmaker is still six votes short of the 53 he needs from the 105-seat legislature. Continue Reading…


USA Offers Support for Armenian Leader’s Effort to Promote Dialogue Amid Crisis
The United States announced that it supports efforts undertaken by Armenian President Armen Sarkissian to encourage dialogue with all parties amid an ongoing political crisis in the country, US State Department spokeswoman Heather Nauert said.

“We support the ongoing efforts of the Office of President Sarkissian to facilitate dialogue between all parties. We continue to commend the peaceful nature of the demonstrations, and trust that the security forces and those exercising their right to peaceful protest will remain committed to non-violence in the days to come,” Nauert said in a statement. Continue Reading…