What Claire Fahy wrote in her Shoe box

What Claire Fahy wrote in her Shoe box

An Irish woman from Galway Ireland, named Claire Fahy, posted an interesting picture on her Facebook page that captured the attention of the Irish media. She had sent a charity box to Armenia in 1999, when she was still an 8 year old student, with a small note attached including her name and address. She was surprised to be contacted 16 years later by Arsen Khachatryan, an Armenian boy who had received the box and had been searching for her to thank her, he wrote “always wanted to express my gratitude for that gift-box”.

She wrote on her page, “When I was 8 years old I wrote this note and put it inside a shoe-box filled with crayons, gloves, a toothbrush and loads of other bits and it got sent off to children in disadvantaged countries. This morning, 16 years later, I got a message from a man in Armenia to say he’s been searching for me for years to thank me for his gift box. He took a picture of the note and sent it with his message. This is amazing.”

In his message, Arsen, who is happily married married in Armenia since 2013 and has a newborn child, said he had kept the letter for 15 years and was determined to continue his search for “that generous woman, I am glad to have found Claire Fahy…There is nothing impossible”.

Claire Fahy has been invited to take part in charity events, while Arsen Khatchatryan has also impressed so many readers because of showing gratitude, and in a comment, a friend writes: “What an amazing story, a small kindness that went a long way. your search for Claire Fahy will have inspired many others to make charitable gifts, so you have given a wonderful gift to many people. I hope you have a good and happy life!”
Claire is proud to have made a very good friend.


Sixteen years after sending a shoebox of small gifts to a child in Armenia, a Galway woman has received a message of thanks from the recipient.

Posted by RTÉ News on Wednesday, May 27, 2015