French President Emmanuel Macron and his wife Brigitte are visiting the Trumps today. We hope that the French President discusses the issue of the Armenian Genocide before the Iranian nuclear issues and trade war with China come up. Macron is expected to have an interview at the Oval Office, a lunch at the State Department, a meeting with French and American CEOs and a visit to the Arlington Cemetery.

Donald Trump has invited very few members of Congress and no representative of the press. More than a hundred people have to take part in this official meal, with spring tones and the very American menu, which the White House details in a statement.

Macron even presented the USA with a tree to represent the sacrifice and common battle fought together during World war I.

The color code chosen by Melania Trump is “cream and gold” for this evening in the State Dining Room, located on the ground floor of the White House, west side. The tableware is porcelain and dates from the presidencies of Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. The cutlery houses Tiffany and S. Kirk and Sons, come from the collection of the White House.

France and the Armenian Genocide

The French Senate passes Armenian Genocide Bill on 24.01.2012
The French Senate has also passed Bill Criminalizing Armenian Genocide Denial on January 23, 2012.
Today as we see Trump speaking about the bravery of French soldiers, and the impact they have had fighting side by side with the Americans, we hope he realizes that the same countrymen were brave enough to recognize the attrocities of the Ottoman empire against our people.