Jean-Paul Hamboyan

Jean-Paul Hamboyan

Maral Torbouzian writes:

Our sweet cousin Jean-Paul Hamboyan is very sick and could use any support you can offer. Please share!

Jean-Paul, a sweet, kind and gentle soul who is dearly loved by his family and friends, needs your help in getting through a life-threatening illness. Jean-Paul, 31, was active and healthy until a few years ago when he developed lupus and anti-phospholipid antibody syndrome. He now has Budd-Chiari syndrome with severe liver failure. Since September, he has deteriorated quickly and is critically ill.

On the 26th of December JP was transferred by air ambulance from Beirut to Paris, hoping to receive a liver transplant. The hospital fees are estimated at nearly 500K dollars and JP’s family is left to cover these costs.

Jean-Paul is a talented young man who was just embarking on a promising career in computer science when he received a devastating diagnosis. Please give our beloved cousin another chance at life. Any small contribution would mean the world to his family as they support him through this critical time.
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