Guy Manoukian: To my dear Homenetmen family.

“Our journey started in 2013 when myself and many like me decided to refuse the state our basketball team was in, a state unworthy to our clubs name and fans dreams, a state where we had surrendered to the fact that we belonged in the 2nd division.

We said NO and carefully started planning our difficult and long journey towards the first division, every step we took was carefully planned and executed and every target we set was reached.
Many fought us, from outside and unfortunately sometimes from within, I never gave up, instead I started surrounding myself with the right group of people and supporters who shared my vision of a strong, fearful, invincible Homenetmen that would terrorise it’s opponents and win the hearts of it’s supporters.

This group that I call brothers who you know very well by now, worked day and night to make your dreams come true and we were able step by step climb the ladder to reach the finals this year.
Let me tell you something, not only this year we could have won but also last year, and guess what…. We will also NEXT YEAR.

We can NOT do this alone we need all your help and support to be able to remain the mighty HOMENETMEN that we got used to.

To all who think that I would leave, I ask them… would a brother leave his brother? Would a father leave his children ? Would a Homenetmenagan let go of his RED BLUE AND ORANGE??
Our work since today has begun. Are you READY? Are you with US? Are you HUNGRY like US? DO you think we would ever GIVE UP???

Think again.
They don’t call us HOMENETMEN for nothing.”