The Gipsy Five

The Gipsy Five: Jody, Manuela, Rayan, Swany and Swing
The group is a newly formed French band consisting of five young children aged 10 to 15.
The 5 children have grown up in an atmosphere of music and arts, and their common style is Gipsy.

Manuela Diaz was the winner of Season 3 of “The Voice Kids” on TF1.
Swany was a finalist on the show of the same name, just like Swingqui was a sensation in season 4.
Rayan is in the semi-finals on M6 in “France with incredible talent”.
Jody wins the best interpretation of the under sixteen on the “Plus 2 talents” springboard.

Although, and they quote “Every people has the right to write their story” – Charles Aznavour.

In an interview, when asked why this song? Manuela replied, “because it is a song about peace and solidarity”.

The official page of Charles Aznavour on social media, posting about the newly formed group, wrote ” 1989-2019 “For you Armenia” Pour toi Armenie, is 30 years old and it is revived by the gipsy five, the collective of five children aged 10 to 15 years old. ❤️?? ❤️??”

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On the 9th and 10th of August 2019, the same song was performed by 1000 Chorists in Cannes.

For You Armenia (Lyrics)

Your spring will blossom again
Your beautiful days will be born again
After winter
After the hell
Will push the tree of life
For you Armenia
Your seasons will sing again
Your children will build stronger
After the horror
After the fear
God will look after your bruised soil
For you Armenia
The world has risen
The world is with you
For you forgotten people
He has opened his heart
He has extended his arms
And even if you curse your fate
In your eyes, I want to see
A glimmer of hope
A flame, a desire to
take your destiny in
your hands
Arm your body