Gevorg and Gohar vartanyan

Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan

Today, this story came to our attention, about an Armenian couple from Iran, Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan AKA Henri and Anita: Hero and heroine spies of the Soviet Union who saved Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt from an attack plotted by Hitler.

The couple had a movie made about them “Tehran 43” starring French actor Alain Delon.

We just thought of sharing the Russian newspaper article with our dear readers, to remind you that our nation, is a very intelligent nation and that we shine in whatever path we choose to take in our lives. We just hope that one day, we all unite, and make our best efforts to serve the interests of our own and one and only Motherland Armenia.
Spy Anita or Gohar Vartanyan

Gohar Vartanyan left at the 94th year of life, Elena Chinkova of Komsomolskaya Pravda  writes: Farewell, Anita: the legendary Spy who saved Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt died

Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan: A Story of Former Russian Spies 1Gevork and Gohar Vartanyan, a married couple of prominent Soviet intelligence agents, were praised during their lives both on the pages of newspapers and books, and on screens. The film ” Tehran -43″, about the Soviet intelligence operation that saved the lives of Stalin, Churchill, and Roosevelt at the Tehran Conference, is about them.

Gevorg Vartanyan, the first illegal immigrant who received the title of Hero of the Soviet Union during his life, died in 2012. And on November 25, 2019, the 93-year-old Gohar also died.

– “Henri” and “Anita”: Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan. He is a Hero of the Soviet Union! She is the heroine of all his accomplishments! He left first. Today she is gone, the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service press bureau said on Monday.

Gohar Levonovna Vartanyan was born on January 25, 1926, in Armenia. Soon her family moved to Iran. At 16, she became a member of the anti-fascist group, where she met her future husband. Their famous pseudonyms were Henri and Anita. In 1943, this group worked to ensure the security of the Tehran Conference and helped prevent the Nazis from attempting the “troika”. She worked as an intelligence agent for 43 years in hundreds of countries around the world and was awarded the Order of the Battle Red Banner. In 1986, the Vartanyans returned to the Soviet Union.

Gevork’s fighting girlfriend will be buried next to him at the Troekurovsky cemetery.

Personal View on Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan

Elena VAVILOVA, former spy:
“This is an example of the highest professional culture and dedication”

Komsomolskaya Pravda asked to share memories of Goar Elena Vavilova, a retired colonel of the SVR, who worked for a quarter of a century together with her husband Andrei Bezrukov, intelligence agents.

– Gohar was the representative of a whole galaxy of wonderful Soviet intelligence agents who worked in the difficult conditions of the Cold War. Despite the difficulties of this “male” profession, she knew how to be a charming woman and a fighting friend at the same time. Together with her husband, she was lucky to work for many years and not to know the bitterness of betrayal. Goar will remain an example of the highest professional culture and dedication for young employees of the Foreign Intelligence Service, ”said Elena Stanislavovna.

– Were you acquainted with her personally?

– We met at a festive event in the Service in 2010, I also talked to her on the phone a few months ago and asked me to write a preface to my novel “A Woman Who Can Keep Secrets,” but she, unfortunately, could not accept.

Watching the Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan movie

The author of these lines was honored to watch in 2010 the film of the First Channel “True History. Tehran-43” together with the spouses Vartanyan on the site of “Rossiyskaya Gazeta”. They shot a tape where documentary shots interspersed with artistic fragments in Damascus. Then it was still calm, and the architecture seemed more suitable. The plans of the Nazis to destroy the leaders of the USSR, Britain and the USA in Moscow were known for six months.
Hitler’s favorite, “the man with a scar” Otto Skorzeny, commanded the operation, whose track record included the assassination of the Austrian chancellor and the release of Mussolini from captivity. On this occasion, the US president was even settled on the territory of the Soviet embassy, ​​from where he was led to the British diplomatic mission by a tarpaulin special corridor. Vartanyan’s Light Cavalry team calculated the German radio operators who arrived in Tehran, and they telegraphed to Berlin about the failure of the operation. And 400 German agents were immediately arrested.

“How could you let an invalid, a mustachioed sadist, and a fat drunkard conspire!” – The Führer stamped his feet in the film, learning about the failure. And Roosevelt radiated good nature: “Take pillows, bonnets and live with Stalin. There will be something to tell our grandchildren.”

Vartanyan, who had torn down the plans of the Nazis at that time, was only 19 years old. And at the show, he admitted that he regretted only one thing – always other people knitted the agents used by them.

Young Gohar carried cakes to her lover in prison and for the first time decided to talk about feelings after success in Tehran. In 1946, they got married in an Armenian church, and later they celebrated another wedding twice according to other passports.

During their life, Gevorg and Gohar Vartanyan had to master eight languages, but once there was a story with the Russian language when Goar thought that they were finished. Sitting under a hairdryer in a hairdressing salon, she forgot herself and shouted to her husband in Russian: “Zhora, wait, I’ll finish now!”. My husband immediately disappeared, and I am sitting and afraid to look around. But no one paid attention to us, fortunately, ”Goar Levonovna recalled at the premiere screening.

– Did you then feel like making a story? I asked Gevork Vartanyan.

Gevorg with Roosevelt's Granddaughter“Of course, I admit, I was bursting with pride,” the hero and the main critic of the film answered and told another curious circumspect point. True, this episode was not included in the film. – At one of the meetings of the conference, Roosevelt wrote a note to Churchill, who answered him. Stalin noticed this and ordered to find out what the Allies corresponded with. It turns out that Churchill was unbuttoned fly. And Roosevelt wrote to him: “Button up, otherwise the eagle will fly away.” And he replied: “The eagle is old, it will not fly away anywhere.”
By the way, in 2007, Churchill’s granddaughter personally came to the Vartanyans to thank for saving her grandfather from the Nazis.


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