Today marks the 10th Anniversary of Hrant Dink’s Assassination. Hrant Dink the well known Turkish-Armenian editor, journalist and columnist, founder of Agos Newspaper.

Dink was prosecuted three times for “denigrating Turkishness and the Republic” under Article 301 of the Turkish Penal Code. For a speech, Dink had stated:”Since my childhood, I have been singing the national anthem along with you. Recently, there is a section where I cannot sing any longer and remain silent. You sing it, I join you later. It is: Smile at my heroic race… Where is the heroism of this race? We are trying to form the concept of citizenship on national unity and a heroic race. For example, if it were Smile at my hard-working people…, I would sing it louder than all of you, but it is not. Of the oath I am Turkish, honest and hard-working, I like the ‘honest and hard-working’ part and I shout it loudly. The I am Turkish part, I try to understand as I am from Turkey.”

Dink had high hopes to establish peace and reconciliation between the nations: “If I write about the [Armenian] genocide it angers the Turkish generals. I want to write and ask how we can change this historical conflict into peace. They don’t know how to solve the Armenian problem.”

He Explained: “There are Turks who don’t admit that their ancestors committed genocide. If you look at it though, they seem to be nice people… So why don’t they admit it? Because they think that genocide is a bad thing which they would never want to commit, and because they can’t believe their ancestors would do such a thing either.

Hrant Dink

Hrant Dink

He was brave enough to challenge them to face their twisted history: “I challenge the accepted version of history because I do not write about things in black and white. People here are used to black and white; that’s why they are astonished that there are other shades, too.”

We wanted to share the above video of Hrant Dink sharing his thoughts on the turkish policies, Armenian communities and the Armenian family, the French Resolution condemning the denial of Armenian Genocide and many more issues. Hrant Dink had high hopes in the Armenian Nation. His blood still calls for justice and the bullet was only able to put down his pen but wasn’t able to shut his voice. Hrant Dink lives as long as we continue remembering him and continue fighting for Genocide recognition.

We Quote biblical verse of John 12:24″ Truly, truly, I tell you, unless a kernel of wheat falls to the ground and dies, it remains only a seed; but if it dies, it bears much fruit. ” Hrant Dink is not dead because his blood has given life to many Armenian fighters, and has given birth to many followers who demand justice and vow to continue in his footsteps no matter what the price is.

Today Garo Paylan, the Turkish politician of Armenian descent, who made us proud by standing up for the Innocent victims of the Armenian Genocide in the Turkish Parliament, and continues to ask for Justice,  is suspended and banned from the Parliament. Garo Paylan might be in great danger because he dares to speak the truth, but he has the whole Armenian nation standing by him asking for his protection, because the enemy hasn’t changed, but has even gotten worse.