Armenian Soldier

Armenian Soldier

TRT Deutch reported on 30 07, 2015:
Shelling on residential areas
Armenia, which occupied Azerbaijani territory for many years, continues its attacks. Armenian armed forces have taken inhabited areas along the front lines under fire. According to the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry,  Armenia has 84 times violated the ceasefire. During the shelling of residential areas in the region by Armenian security forces, no one had been killed or injured. Several mortars strikes were reported from the area.”

Meanwhile Aztag Daily reports on July 31, 2015,  that on the eve of 29-30 July, the Azeri forces violated the ceasefire a hundred times and have fired towards the Artsakh borders 1600 times, but the Armenians have responded properly.

With all the chaos in the Middle East caused by war against some traditional Arab Governments, the rise of the Islamic State and the ISIS militants supported by Turkey, who in the meantime are agitated by the strong impact of the Armenian Genocide Commemorations, that are cornering them in a embarrassing situation, the Turks and their brother in crime Azeris, are trying to manipulate the patience of the Armenian Nation.

Remember and Demand, not so long ago, Armenians were marching for justice for the blood of victims of the Genocide, and our stolen and occupied Lands. Today, the question is, will we let it happen again, a 100 years later, will we be forced to leave our ancestral lands or be victimized by some descendants of the inhuman, barbaric vagabond aggressors? Dearest Armenian Brothers and Sisters, Are you ready to sacrifice your own lives for our Nation?

Azeris and Turks continue to lie to their own people, denying Genocide, continuing to accuse Armenians of occupying their lands, and now, accusing Armenians of shelling residential areas, seams to serve only for recruiting and preparing for war.

In the Diaspora, we are glad to hear that Armenia has a strong and organized Army, as we have always learned in our history books, we are more than thrilled to know our army is stopping enemy advancement and even freeing occupied lands, but at the meantime it makes us wonder, what is the enemy trying to do? what’s next? The answer is not important, but what is more important is the willingness of Armenians from all over the world to defend our own.