Araksi Demirciyan's family heritage document Armenian TranslationAraksi Demirciyan's family heritage

The 84-Year-old Armenian grandma wants to apply to the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR) to get her family heritage back in turkey. 84-Year-old Araksi Demirchyan, who lives alone in Armenia, would like to plea to the Armenian Prime Minister and the ECHR, hoping to get back the property of her mother and grandmother. Grandma Araksi, who wants to get her family heritage in Turkey back today, keeps her family heritage Ottoman documents in her closet together with their translation.

Araksi Demirchyan’s mother, Mariam Kachikyan Demirchyan, who had been keeping her deeds documents in a box, spoke about these properties all life long, but her daughter found the documents only after her mother’s death, among her things.

After losing all the men of her family in the city of Elazig in kharpert (Harput), Martha, the great-grandmother of the family, ran away to Aleppo with her three daughters. The house and land ownership affidavit of deeds documents, registered to both her and her daughter in Turkey, were verified in Aleppo in 1929. Mrs. Martha petitioned the authorities to claim her rights to her property in her and her daughter’s name but failed.

According to the data documents of the registrar of 1929 in Turkey, these deeds of Mariam Kachikyan have a value estimated at 8.300 Lira, and Martha Kachikyan’s deeds have a value estimated of 9.700 Lira. Araksi Demirchyan has applied all through the years with the goal of getting their family heritage property back in Turkey after getting detailed information about them. She has even appealed to lawyers by going to Turkey but didn’t reach a final result.

However, Ms. Araksi, who refuses to leave the property that belongs to her family and her to foreigners, is expecting the help of Armenian Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan. As a last resort, she plans to apply to the European Court of Human Rights(EHCR).

Syrian Documents for Araksi Demircyan ownership

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