What do you see yourself doing when you think about the upcoming holidays or vacation? The Blue sea, an icy juice, and your image, lying on the beach, maybe with an interesting novel in your hands, that you intended to read for a long time? Then probably this article, which is full of extreme leisure is not for you.
On the other hand, maybe you need it more than anyone else? What if you are lying on the warm sands, reading a book, hoping to search your soul and find wisdom, but all you need is to take a risk and do something you had never even imagined doing?
Therefore invest 4-5 minutes of your time, to discover a few extreme activities you can go on all over Armenia. If you like to dare and risk, of course.

Rock Climbing

Armenia is a country formed of rocks and mountains. Therefore, it is not surprising, that one of the beloved and developing branches of extreme sports in Armenia is climbing.
There are many climbing routes, awaiting you, in different parts of Armenia – in Noravank, Ohanavank, Bjni, Hell’s Canyon, Arzni, Tatev, and even Yerevan. However, if you decided to go on a climb, in Armenia, for your first time ever, you will definitely need an instructor.
There are a few clubs organizing rock climbing, and the most famous are Scream of Soul, Overz Club, and White Irbis. I personally climbed with White Irbis (the founder is Antuan Ananyan, an Alpinist with some serious experience, vice-president of the Armenian Mountaineering and Hiking Federation), a wonderful team with highly professional, caring, and attentive instructors․
They organize the transportation, provide all the equipment needed for climbing, explain all your steps in detail, and care for your safety. All you have to do is to trust them and follow all the instructions.
White Irbis organizes climbing lessons both for children and adults, and I bet you are going to love their slogan very much, but you will not hear it from me. Find it out yourselves.

The fee for climbing in Armenia starts from 5000 drams, which is approximately 10 dollars.

If you ask my opinion about rock climbing: it is like hugging the rock, therefore you must start to love it first. You cannot hug something you do not love!
Climbing is trusting – even if you are scared to death, which is normal when you climb for the first time, you must be sure, that the person standing at the other end holding the rope you are hanging from, will continue to hold it firm until you come down from the top.
Climbing is caring when you hold the rope for someone’s safety.

Cycling (Mountain Cycling) and Motorcycling

If you think, that cycling is not cool enough for you, then try mountain cycling and you will change your mind.
In Armenia, cycling is not a new type of leisure, but it is quite young as a branch of extreme sport, which keeps developing really fast.
Five years ago there were a few young people, who enjoyed off-road cycling, mountain biking or just cycling, outside Yerevan, for a long-distance, today there is a completely different picture: people of various ages come together every Sunday and go for a bike somewhere outside the city.
If you are ever in Armenia and want to go on a cycling tour, or just make your childhood dream come true by learning to cycle, then contact Velo Club or the founder Emil.
He will definitely show you all the beauties of cycling, make you fall in love with it, and look forward to Sundays. By the way, he can also teach you motorcycling and organize a moto-tour.
You can take lessons together with your children since Emil is kind and patient with kids as well.
Velo club can help you with another issue too: if you know how to bike and only need a bicycle, you can rent one there, and not only the bicycle but also the helmet and any other stuff needed. Moreover: if you have a bike but it has problems, contact Velo and the problems will be fixed.
Have you ever heard of Boo Mountain Bike Project? It is a group of young people who are passionate about extreme sports and nature. They have built the first mountain biking park in Armenia, Vanadzor (Lori region) and they also organize biking tours.

Rafting, Sliding, and Bridge Jumping

Rafting is something extremely amazing. It helps you not only overcome your fear of water but also makes you laugh like a child.
In Armenia, if you want to raft you will need to visit the Lori region and the wonderful team of Rafting in Armenia will meet you. It is a group of young people trying to develop tourism in Lori.
They are enthusiastic, fearless, and crazy people, who will give you a very good portion of extreme for a long time.
You will raft on Debed and Dzoraget rivers almost 12 km, then you will be offered to jump from the bridge into the river, slide on the inverted raft into the river.
These two activities are both frightening and funny, but after doing them you will feel like Rambo. At least for a weak. 
The club now offers something new and it is called Blob jumping. It is an outdoor water activity in which the participant sits on the end of a partially inflated airbag (a water trampoline or blob) and is launched into the water when another participant jumps onto the airbag from a platform on the opposite side.

Important: before rafting, sliding, or jumping, you get detailed instructions. The instructors remain with you all the time ensuring your safety and ready to help you. All this time you will be in a helmet and a life jacket, provided by the rafting club.

Winter rafting is also possible, not in the river, of course, but in the mountains.
Except for getting the wonderful dose of extreme while rafting you will also have an opportunity to admire the unique nature of Lori․

Rope Jumping and Canyoning

Do you believe you can fly? Scream of Souls offers you rope jumping in different parts of Armenia. This is leisure for real extreme lovers because jumping from the cliff or a high building is not for those with weak nerves. Nevertheless, if your soul screams for extreme activities, once you decide to jump, let go of your fear and do it!
The club also offers something totally new in Armenia. Canyoning. It assembles a bunch of techniques that are mandatory for outdoor survival: such as walking, rappelling, hiking, swimming, cliff jumping, and rock climbing. Try it, find out the level of your courage and body abilities.


From extremal activities, Zip-line is one of the most favorites in Armenia. We love it so much that we had to build the longest line in our region. It is situated almost in the heart of Yerevan and is called Yerevan Zipline Airlines. It consists of two lines. The first one is about 870 meters long with the highest point of 123 meters. The length of the second line is 650 meters.
Yerevan Zipline Airlines is the only zip-line in the world that passes under a bridge. You can speed up to 120-130 meters per hour on it.

Yell Extreme Park and Zip Line Tsakhadzor are also ready to make your zip-line dream come true in the most beautiful and memorable way.

Paragliding: the World from The Bird’s Eye View

People do not have wings and for that reason, they cannot fly. True. Nevertheless, if you decided to feel yourself like a bird at least for one day then paragliding is waiting for you. Sky Club will give you wings to fly and a bunch of new feelings to make your soul soar.
Flying places are different. Choices depend on the weather. As you may guess, paragliding likes windy weather, since it makes you fly freely with the lightness of fluff․
It is good to have an attentive and skilled instructor with you, who will provide you with both a breathtaking, memorable flight and safe landing.
With the Sky Club you can also do Wakeboarding at Sevan lake, caving and Snow kitting. Yes, they know how to fill hearts with joy and give indescribable memories.

Extreme Activities in Armenia: “Let’s Have Some Risky Fun” 22

Slackline: From the Trees to the Abyss and High Buildings

If you are sure you are a good walker, try to change feet on the slackline. You will feel like a child trying to make his first steps, but do not worry: Step Slackliners Armenia is there to help you to both enjoy your time and improve your balance. This leisure is not only for adults but also for children.
Slackline is also a good way to overcome the fear of heights. Starting from the lines tied on the trees, you can reach to the lines stretching between high buildings or on an abyss. Real extreme, isn’t it?

Is That All the Extreme Armenia Can Offer?

Since you have already tried climbing, paragliding, cycling, canyoning, and everything, take a break but keep some of your excitement of doing extreme activities.
Then climb Khustup mountain or the Northern pick of Aragats, do off-road jeeping, go for a horse riding, or do water sports in Sevan.
Moreover; in winter, try snowboarding, skiing, and ice climbing.
I will write about these activities in one of my upcoming articles, as winter approaches.
Meanwhile, scream out your soul, explore yourself, dare to do everything you are afraid of, and in the end, you may find out that nothing should stop you. At least! what do you think, why do people like danger? Why do some people run after risk? What do people search for while they plunge into the waves of extreme life? I have only one answer to that: it is because the extreme and dangerous make people feel alive more than anything else does. Enjoy your life and your time in one of the most beautiful and amazing countries: in Armenia.

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