Who is Ara Mambreyan?

“Ara Mambreyan, 18 years-old, winner of 6 International Science Olympiad medals, 5 National Basketball Championship gold medals, an offer-holder to the University of Cambridge”.

Ara is the first person in the history of Armenia to win 4 distinct medals in a single year, a member of the Youth Basketball Team of Armenia, an accomplished writer offers to write essays in return to whoever is in need.

The Armenian genius would like your help to attend Cambridge University and fulfill his dreams. The 18-year-old has so far gathered about 75k and still needs some 20 thousand US Dollars to cover his expenses. “I am faced with an obstacle which I am unable to overcome on my own and these things will only stay distant dreams if I don’t find the necessary funding to finance my education, £42.100 annually. The average yearly salary in Armenia is $4.680 ( http://checkinprice.com/average-and-minimum-salary-in-yerevan-armenia/) and the cost of attendance is an insurmountable figure for me and my family.

People kept telling me in high school: “You can’t do both basketball and science. Just quit!” but Ara says he has spent nights, with energy only enough to lie down and dream of the future.

A message from Ara Mambreyan

Ara Mambreyan

Ara Mambreyan

Dear fellow Armenians,

I am Ara Mambreyan, an 18-year old student, being admitted to the University of Cambridge, where I hope to study physics. I have a dream of becoming a renowned specialist there and contributing to the world and to the Armenian society in the best way that I can.

But that will only remain a dream if I do not find funding for my education. Please take out the time to read my story in my crowdfunding campaign.

I ask you to share the link of my campaign with your friends and share it on your profiles. It would take only a few seconds of your time, but it may change my future.
Thank you.

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