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“Body Talks”, Exclusive Show with body Language expert Hagop Makdis

Dear followers, we would love to introduce you to our new project: “Body Talks”, an exclusive series on Aypoupen, that will be executed in collaboration with Body Language expert Hagop Makdis. The project will be presented in episodes, in which he will explain the body language of active Political figures, and how they express themselves on their political paths. The first Episode will analyze the body language of Prime Minister Pashinyan.
Communicating consists of 55% of body language; “Body Talks” will explain the body language and gestures, and how they correspond with speech, especially those that have negative or positive effects on communication.

Hagop Makdis is a Master Trainer of NLP and communication skills, an expert in nonverbal communication. Graduated with MSc in Bioresources management from Yerevan State University.
He is a Trainer in “EQ and practical NLP” and “Sales and Communications” available at Slice Academy and STC Armenia.

Body Talks Show Rules

It is essential that you take the following into consideration:
We don’t have personal or political gains.
We don’t have personal or political issues with political parties or their members.
We are only going to discuss their body language.

Body Language of PM Pashiniyan in Paris

Body language analyses of Nikol Pashinyan

Body language analyses of Nikol Pashinyan

On the 11th of November 2019, Prime Minister of Armenia Mr. Nikol Pashinyan visited Paris. He was greeted by the French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace, later he participated at the opening ceremony of the Paris Peace Forum.

Upon arriving, Prime Minister Pashinyan gets out of the car and approaches Macron with confident steps. While they are walking towards each other, PM Pashinyan reaches out his hand to shake Mr. Macron’s hand. This shows that he was longing to see him, he missed him and wanted to greet him warmly.

While shaking hands, and hugging you can see Macron’s left hand is higher than Pashinyan’s left hand. From this it is possible to conclude that:
The French president is on his land and feels confident there as a landowner.
The video also shows that Pashinyan is in no hurry to leave Macron’s hand.
He firmly holds Macron’s right hand in his left-hand grip, continuing to shake until Macron pulls his hand.
Macron then puts his left hand behind Pashinyan’s back and they both walk towards the entrance, pausing for a moment for the media.
By holding PM Pashinyan’s back, the French President seems to indicate that he has the authority and that PM Pashinyan is the guest.

Pashinyan’s body language with the Journalist from Azerbaijan

When Mr. Pashinyan heard the journalist say that he is from Azerbaijan, he smiled. This smile was not an expression of happiness, it was just a protocol, acknowledging that he is participating in the Paris Peace Forum, he had to remain calm with the journalists.
When Pashinyan starts looking for a pen, interestingly the journalist offers him his own pen, the act that Pashinyan accepts warmly, expressing peace and appreciation. Here PM Pashinyan succeeds in showing self-confidence and a peaceful mindset.

Pashinyan at the 40th UNESCO General Conference

Mr. Pashinyan had an interview at the 40th UNESCO General Conference, where he was carefully watching the gestures of the journalist, watching his hands’ movements and listening to him carefully. They both were standing in the same manner, and PM Pashinyan answered confidently, using his body language, hands, eye contact, and facial expressions, leaving the journalist in deep thoughts where we see him putting his index fingers together.

Speech for The Armenian Community

The Prime Minister spoke in front of the religious and civil organizations of the Armenian community in France. We can see that he has a big, happy smile on his face, looking at everyone and making eye contact. He expressed his gratitude to everyone and concentrated on the Diaspora.
At the end of his speech, we can see that he bends his head slightly to the side and front, this shows humility and pride simultaneously.

Dinner with French Armenian Community

Nikol Pashinyan-like-thumbs-up next to his wifeAfter a 30-minute speech, Pashinyan started answering the questions of representatives of the Armenian community in France.
He spoke about education, to help make his speech more visual, he uses his right hand.
In the course of his speech, he picks up the bread, trying to explain his idea, and then looks at his wife, Mrs. Anna, who has a fake smile on her face at that instant. But that smile is not supportive, as she is covering her mouth and nose with her hand, showing disagreement and inconfidence.

It seems that Mrs. Anna is not well-informed of the secrets of body language. Subconsciously, making the English letter L, putting her index and thumb fingers on her chin, she implies that the talk is uninteresting and boring to her. She may be tired, but it clearly seems that she wants the speech to end quickly.
Many people know that rubbing fingers together is a sign of tension, but here the action means something else. The Prime Minister is in deep thoughts as he listens to the interpreter and tries to build up his ideas before answering the question.
At the end of his speech about the educational programs, when everyone starts applauding, the Prime Minister is subconsciously giving himself a “LIKE”, as if supporting himself.

arayig haroutyounyan-anna agopian-nikol pashinyan.jpg
While Arayik Harutyunyan, who is the Minister of Education, Science, Culture, and Sport, is also proudly smiling to say that his works are inspired by the Prime minister’s speech. Although Pashinyan is discussing some very important topics, we can see that Harutyunyan spends a long time on his phone. He put the phone aside only after the Prime Minister’s thank-you speech when the Q&A was over. Here his body language expresses that he is exhausted and cannot wait to get out.

The Prime Minister announced that he had an important statement to make, he put his left hand on his hip, taking an offensive stance, moved his eyebrows down and closer, frowning, his eyes aggravated, he made his statement with confidence.
Later on, Pashinyan confuses the Dollar and Tram and starts biting and licking his lips, that is as a result of his anxiety and tension. The First lady, seems as if she doesn’t understand what her husband is talking about, and she has a tense smile on her face that says – what is this?

The Prime Minister continues giving his personal opinions, while Mrs. Anna communicates with a person in front of her and with her facial expression, moving her eyebrows up and smiling, she passes a silent message that she feels fine but tired, and simultaneously expressing how proud she is of her husband’s speech.
But when the PM speaks about the migration statistics percentages, we see Mrs. Anna’s eyebrows and eyes show signs of astonishment and disbelief about the given data, meanwhile, the Prime Minister shows signs of tension and fatigue.

Thanks for your support, wait for more future analyses.

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