Big Mind – Armenia’s Ultimate Educational Centre of Self-Development, Stress-Management, Mind-Awareness, and Non-Verbal Communication

“Big Mind is not only an educational center, it’s a big family. Each person who comes and takes part in our webinars or courses, they all enjoy a warm atmosphere and are treated as a family member would be treated”.

The Mission of Big Mind

Have you ever thought about analyzing your employer’s or opponent’s body language, behavior, or raising your mind-awareness, boost self-education, stress-management, leadership, and get practical knowledge of emotional intelligence?
We present you Big Mind- an educational platform/center in Armenia that conducts courses and training on raising awareness and behavioral issues, simultaneously, connecting the society and professionals. The vision of the platform is to create a knowledgeable, powerful society with a range of essential skills.
To date, the center has managed various online discussions; webinars, and training are on the list.
Big Mind has the goal to reach more and more people to help them be engaged in self-education, self-management, and mental behavior. As most of our problems, first of all, come from within us, then if we are educated enough and developed as a person and professional, we have more advantages to go ahead and to rise.

Why Big Mind? How Does It Help People?

“When we started to present our ideas we started to dream big and to make those big ideas come true. As all our projects are connected to mind awareness, we thought “Big Mind” as only big ideas can change the world”.
Tamara Simonyan, the head of Marketing and Communication of Big Mind, believes that non-verbal communication, together with leadership, stress management, team management skills are the subjects to be discussed and are important not just for enthusiasts but also experts, entrepreneurs, and students of various fields.
Big Mind started its mission in the time of the pandemic, sharing not only their experience and knowledge but also giving people some time to grow as a person and as a specialist. For that reason, Big Mind has developed courses and webinars, as well as constantly provides useful information on Social media pages.
The courses and webinars are for specialists in various fields. After each webinar, all the followers and participants have the opportunity to ask questions to the lecturers. The webinars make a positive impact on people which one can assume from the positive comments on behalf of the participants.
Big Mind also offers a platform for students who have a voice to share, present new ideas, some analysis, as well as for corporate organizations who want to make their team management better.
So, with Big Mind young people have a great opportunity to engage in a variety of research, programs, educational and personal growth, as well as social activities.
Tamara truly believes that any idea and thought can be realized if you have a dedicated, professional team, and the one that unites that team is the “Big Idea.”

Teachers and Their Techniques

From the beginning, the company has always been thinking about giving useful, important, practical knowledge to people. The founder of Big Mind, Hagob, is an expert in non-verbal communication, NLP (neurolinguistic programming) and that’s the core of teaching techniques in Big Mind.
It’s based on analyzing strategies used by successful individuals and applying them to reach a personal goal. It relates to thoughts, language, patterns of behavior learned through experience, and specific outcomes. For example, non-verbal communication relates not only to body language and gestures but also the way one looks at matters and behavior from different angles.
All the experts and lecturers of Big Mind have many years of experience, some of which studied abroad. There are also foreign colleagues among the teaching staff who are experts in their fields for more than 25 years. Everything is based on a personal approach, the lecturers listen to each student, their needs, and issues.
Lately, in one of the company’s webinars, there was a little time left and as all the participants were really interested in the topic, Big Mind decided to give them the contacts of the lecturers so that the participants would direct the questions that they hadn’t managed before. The participants always get personal consulting from the experts.

Courses, Webinars, and Projects

Big Mind aims to not only give some materials for reading unlike the classic institutions but to change something, to make people’s lives better than it is.
The first course has already launched on Effective Stress Management. All of us need to have some methodology, skills, and techniques to overcome stress and difficulties, as the situation is everywhere- in our communications, behavior, and so on. The second course that has already launched is the Secrets of Body Language. These courses haven’t started yet, and as the process of registration still continues, you still have a chance to participate.
In the future, the company plans to manage courses on NLP, success, and self-growth, as well as self-management, leadership, emotional intelligence, and how to overcome your fears and find the best version of yourself. Big Mind has already had webinars on some of those themes, with around 300 participants, so they had to split the course into two parts so that everyone could participate. The webinars, which are free of charge, are now being developed as courses.
There is no age limit for the courses. All enthusiasts are welcome. Statistics show that people who are interested, mostly are from 15-50 years old.
You can participate in Big Mind’s courses and webinars from now on. Just go to the Big Mind Facebook page, open the Event section, read about each course, and choose the one you’re more interested in. All you need to do is just to fill the application form, register, and Big Mind’s specialist will contact you and give directions. The good news is, due to our first collaboration with Big Mind, you can find all the courses here on Aypoupen too.
By the way, now there is a discount on the courses for everyone who would like to participate.

Certificate for Abroad

At the end of the courses, the participants get certificates. Those courses are a bit different as they are about self-development. So the certificates can be your ticket to many conferences, training, and seminars not only in Armenia but also at an international level. In the future, professional courses with certificates of excellence are expected.

Collaboration with Universities

The first collaboration of Big Mind with public institutions is with the Public Administration Academy of Armenia, also with The First Business and Marketing School of Armenia. The team of Big Mind, however, is hoping for an even wider collaboration with universities, as the courses are as important as university programs, hopefully, still a little early to discuss the details.
During our conversation, Tamara assured us, new and interesting initiatives are still ahead.


Big mind-aypoupen-partnership
On July 24th Big Mind announced their first cooperation.

✅ As a result of such wonderful cooperation, you will have an opportunity to know more details about our courses on our partner’s, @Aypoupen’s Facebook and website.
In the near future, we will have new more projects🤗, and hope will make your everyday life even more interesting😎.


You can register for the available courses and receive 20% discount instantly.