PanARMENIAN.Net – A scandalous incident occurred during the Open European Kung fu Championship, currently underway in Ukraine’s Lviv, reports.

As a Karabakh sportsman, Davit Petrosyan was about to score victory against his Azerbaijani rival, the latter’s cornerman attempted to beat the Armenian athlete. Also joining the provocation was the Azeri trainer who hit Petrosyan from the back. The Azerbaijani trainer and sportsmen then attacked the members of the Armenian national team with clubs.
The Azerbaijani team seemed to have planned the attack, having brought the clubs to the tournament in advance. In their hysteria, the Azeris even hit the President of the European Kung Fu Federation, Nikolay Matulyovsky, who tried to defend the Karabakh athlete.

Police officers intervened in the turmoil and brawl and disciplined the Azeri provokers.
The Azerbaijani team was ultimately disqualified.
The attacked Karabakh sportsman is the brother of soldier Marat Petrosyan who destroyed 5 tanks and 1 infantry fighting vehicle during the 4-day war in early April.

In another fight, Armenian sportsman Ashot Harutyunyan defeated another member of Azerbaijan’s team.