Nasrollah Moein and Leila Forouhar and entertainment center “Pharaon” organized a concert for the citizens of Iran, celebrating Novruz this year in Yerevan (capital of Armenia).

Source: Oxu.Az ( Azerbaijani media trying to spread bad image of Armenian tourism)

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“There are no toilets for tourists.”

reports with reference to the Azerbaijani Bureau BBC that in the days of Novruz, most young people from Iran spend their time in nightclubs.

Iranian Reza who has been visiting Armenia quite often over the past 15 years, says that Armenia has decreased the number of tourists, celebrating Novruz.

According to him, Armenia before have been visited by a large number of Iranian citizens.

Reza explains this by saying that the country did not create the appropriate conditions for tourists:

“The level of tourism is very low. Everything is expensive, they take money for the visa, but there are no toilets for tourists. ”

azeri-women “We have been here for a week and decided to take a look at Armenia. It is quite well. It is our first visit. We want to go to a concert,” another Azerbaijani, celebrating Novruz in Yerevan, says. [blog_list style=”def” display=”specific” category=”null” specific=”1870″]