Azerbaijan paid to Russia for arms and holds military exercises with Turkey.Russian Deputy Prime Minister, responsible for the arms industry, Dmitry Rogozin arrived in Azerbaijan, expressing dissatisfaction with the Kremlin to avoid Baku agreed to pay for armaments order.
“Falling oil prices have affected all. Azerbaijan – is no exception, “- said one Russian defense industry representative daily Kommersant. According to him, a few years ago to agree armament orders are still stuck in the ports of Russia, because for them the money is not transferred.
D.Rogozyn after a visit to Baku, the social network has published a photo in which he is featured with Azerbaijani leader Ilham Aliyev. Russian Deputy Prime Minister said that they had a constructive discussion.

Kommersant said that Azerbaijan may actually have trouble implementing financial obligations or just a way to try to gain a better situation in the negotiations with Russia.
Azerbaijan did not like Russia to Armenia proposed $ 200 million loan, which would be used for the acquisition of new weaponry. Armenia and Azerbaijan are still in conflict over Nagorno-Karabakh region.
Published in the vast majority of the $ 4 billion purchased weaponry already in Azerbaijan, but a few tanks, infantry combat vehicles, artillery systems are still in Russian ports.
Russian defense expert Ruslan Puchov said that in this situation the Kremlin has several options: to sell the rest of the military equipment to another state or to defer the payment of Azerbaijan. “Russia’s negotiating position will be really tight, because this situation is not due to its fault,” – he explained.
Joint military exercises with Turkey
On Monday, Turkey and Azerbaijan held a joint Air Force exercises. The exercise is held in Konya, Turkey.

Published in the nine Azerbaijani military aircraft (MiG-29, Su-25, Il-76) will take part in the exercise, which the Kremlin can understand as a challenge. Turkey, after the incident, which was shot down by Russian military aircraft, killing the pilot, for some time the Russian public space called a “hostile state”.
2015 NATO member Turkey and the close military ties with Russia keeps Azerbaijan organized joint military exercises not only the air but also on land.