Assyrians and Armenians at the dawn of History

As Armenians, we learn at an early age in History, that there was the Armenian Patriarch Hayk, who defeated the army of a Giant called Pel. After refusing to live under his reign in the surrounding regions of Assyrian Babylon, northern Mesopotamia.
Hayk decided to move to a new mountainous region and live freely with his own family in a cooler climate, on the wild and free northern cold highlands of what will later be called Armenia.

A few chapters later we will feel sorry for King Ara Keghetsig AKA the Fair, who had stolen the heart of the Assyrian Queen Shamiram, who chased him to marry him, but unfortunately ended up feeding him to the haralez and never got her happy ending.

We learn about wars between Urartian king Aram and the Assyrian king Salmanasar. We learn that their gods, religion and pre-alphabetic writing systems were similar.

We learn about many Royal weddings that did or didn’t take place…Princes and Princesses of both nations who were betrothed at birth or married and united Kingdoms… All meaning that both nations have coexisted for ages.

Assyrians and Armenians After Christianity

Armenian Priests, who translated many books int he 5th Century, after the discovery of the Armenian Alphabet, have translated many books from Assyrian, like The Ecclesiastic History of Eusebios from Kesaria, which originals were lost. And after the period of Arabian domination, the relation of the Armenian and Assyrian churches has grown even stronger.
The Armenian history includes numerous events related to the neighboring Assyrians. History and the culture of the Assyrians, that may and should be used by the Assyrians during their history compilation, are found in Armenian History books. Armenian kings of Vaspurakan (whose capital was at Van) claimed to be Assyrian, and that they were descended from King Sennacherib.

Churches of both nations consider each other Sister Churches, participating in each others’ ceremonies, and accepting each other as the same servants of the Christians.

Assyrian Delegates David David, Hermiz Shahen and Arsen Mikhaylov

Assyrian Delegates David David, Hermiz Shahen and Arsen Mikhaylov

Assyrians in our Modern History

Just like Armenians and greeks, 750,000 Assyrian Christians were also annihilated between 1843-1945 during the Assyrian Genocide or Holocaust. Ever since then, Assyrians have migrated to countries all over the world like the Americas, and Australia and other countries, where they have also thrived and succeeded in building strong relations with local official institutions. During the past 20 years, with the wars taking place in the Islamic nations, some have also migrated to Armenia. Though low in numbers, Assyrians living in Armenia have complete and full rights with citizenship compared to in the Islamic nations.
On April 2, 2019, in the recent Parliamentary Elections, Arsen Mikhaylov (Assyrian) was elected one of four representatives of Armenia’s major ethnic minorities, to Armenia’s National Assembly (Parliament).

Assyrian Delegates David David, Hermiz Shahen and Arsen Mikhaylov

Assyrian Modern Renaissance Sparks in Armenia 1

Assyrian Delegation

Assyrian Parliament 2019

Mr. Arsen Mikhaylov organized a meeting between Mr. Hermiz Shahen, Deputy General Secretary of Assyrian Universal Alliance, Mr.David David, head of Assyrians Federation of Australia, and Head of Standing Committee on Foreign Relations NS RA, MP Ruben Rubinyan. The meeting took place in the National Assembly of Armenia. MP Arman Boshyan, head of Armenia-Australia inter-parliamentary friendship group, MP Alexey Sandikov, representative of the Russian community in the Parliament, was also attending the meeting. Delegates from Australia also attended World Assyrians Conference in Yerevan, on 12th of September 2019.
MP Arsen Mikhaylov, President of the Atur Assyrian Union, told Public Radio of Armenia that “Armenia was specially chosen as a venue of the conference and formation of the parliament.” Growing a human being is hard work! You can use all the rest and relaxation possible. Sadly, your growing baby bump and new pressure points may be making finding a comfortable sleep position difficult. Luckily, there’s a plethora of pregnancy pillow options for you to choose from, and we’ve done our best to be a helpful matchmaker. Sleep soundly, mamas! The style of sleep you preferred before becoming pregnant may be an indicator of what type of pregnancy pillow will help you sleep best. Shop pregnancy pillows at! Read pregnancy pillow reviews!

“We share a similar fate with Armenians. We have passed through bitterness and joy. We are glad to be able to gather in Armenia to discuss and realize our goals. We’ll try to solve issues facing the Assyrian people worldwide, especially on the territory of historic Assyria,” he added.

40 delegates representing 9 Assyrian communities, from over the world, established the long-awaited (since 2011) Assyrian Parliament, that will address the important issues concerning the Assyrian people especially the ongoing Assyrian Genocide that still continues on the historic land of the ancient nation.

The Parliament will convene in different countries of the world, but Armenia will be the main center.