Arsine Khanjian Not Getting The Kardashian Treatment in Armenia

Two hours after arriving in Yerevan, American Canadian actress Arsine Khanjian is spotted in Khorenatsi Street, among demonstrating Armenians and is trying to find out what is really going on there. Not because she is probably pissed off for not being officially welcomed at the airport with a red carpet, bread, and salt, two Armenian girls in dance costumes, as all well-known celebrities are greeted.
The next day Arsine Khanjian is mistakenly pushed and detained, then released. “This is pathetic. The entire diaspora should stand on its feet and stop this ridiculous situation in our homeland…” she says in a recorded video of the mishap.

CTV reports that a spokesperson for Khanjian, who is married to Canadian director Atom Egoyan, she was no longer detained as of Wednesday afternoon.

We wonder if she got to meet the Armenian Prime Minister or if she or any member of her family will be given a plot of land, as did the Kardashians on their first visit to Armenia. 

In an interview with Civilnet, Arsine Khanjian explains the fears of the Diaspora Armenians and calls on the Diaspora to get involved, “even if we don’t want to wash our dirty linens in public,” we have to participate in one way or another even if the internal affairs are so complicated.

Who is Arsine Khanjian

Arsine Khanjian is a Beirut born Armenian-Canadian actress and producer, who has studied Political Sciences, obtaining a Master’s Degree from The University of Toronto, meanwhile obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree from Concordia University in both French and Spanish Languages.

She is Married to Canadian Filmmaker Atom Egoyan and together they have a son Arshile. She has 53 movie Credits on IMDB as an actress. Has acted in all her husband’s movies.