This year, so far, has been a very encouraging year for all Armenians. The people stood up and asked for their voices to be heard. without any bloodshed or violence, a big surprise to all the nations of the world, the Velvet Revolution succeeded, and we saw the newly elected Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan among the leaders of the world representing the Armenian Nation.

Armenians worldwide started to look back and think seriously about returning back home to build and prosper in our own motherland. Raise the new generation in our homelands.

2018 being the 100th anniversary of the first Armenian Republic and 100th year of the establishment of Homenetmen – ՀՄԸՄ organization, (Homenetmenagans) just like diasporans who saw a new hope gathered again in Armenia to celebrate and revive the moments of glory of the motherland. The strength of will of our new generation is seen in this video of Homenetmen – ՀՄԸՄ scout leaders gathered from different parts of the world in our historic lands, they reached the Mount Ararat summit and vowed to continue serving Armenia and Armenians until the stolen lands are returned.

“Together we conquered the 5137m summit of the beautiful Mount Ararat. Also, we are honored to share this beautiful journey with the 22 young Armenian beautiful souls that we will always remember.” Sevag Demirdjian Titled his Facebook Video describing the great experience that he had.