Armenian Firewall

The Chinese Firewall VS the Armenian Firewall

The first inscriptions found in the Chinese language appeared over 3,000 years ago. Today, “China blocks more than 8000 websites, using a notorious filtering system, called “The Great Firewall”, allegedly to protect its citizens from outside influence and “harmful information”.
In other words, China has its own version of Facebook, Youtube, Amazon, Google, etc…
After thousands of years of existing on mother earth, as Armenians were mentioned in various historical inscriptions starting in 6th century BC. Armenia was monolingual starting the 2nd century BC. Today, Western Armenian is the Endangered Armenian.
What we need to strengthen and secure our Nation’s future is to build an Armenian Firewall, which is a virtual world, that embraces within its walls everything that is Armenian, in the Armenian Language. A system that connects the businessmen to the markets, celebrities to their fans, religion to the faithful…. to improve ties between Armenians and raise cooperation between them. And if non-Armenians would like to join, they will have to learn Armenian, read, write, and speak Armenian!!
A System providing virtual means of communication that unites all Armenians around the world and helps them communicate in the Armenian language to maintain and preserve their identity and flourish their businesses no matter where they are located all around the world. Moreover, encouraging non-Armenians to learn Armenian and provide more opportunities for all involved.

TV VS Internet

TV VS Internet usage

TV era Vs Internet Era

40 years ago, tv stations offered kids a few hours of proper entertainment during the day. Nowadays kids Are watching less TV than ever because they have smart TVs, tablets, and computers at their disposal and spend hours watching different materials and languages within the day.
New research from Common Sense Media shows kids and teens are spending more time than ever on screens, but less time watching TV.
The kids in the Diaspora watched their local TV Stations, in their local languages, and maybe learned a song or two. Believe it or not, previously kids used to watch silent cartoons, like Tom and Jerry, that was rich with different classical tunes, that have been memorized by those kids who have become parents today. The same generation of parents
enjoyed movies from Disney and enjoyed their childhood with foreign fairy tales they could see coming true even if they were in drawings.
Nowadays children have a huge variety to choose from, and one of them is Bob the Train(video below). Bob is a huge train, that comes in 3D and introduces numbers, letters, shapes, colors, etc… with nice songs, helping children to memorize the words in simple English. In case the parents are involved, the child will speak good English as soon as he utters his first words.

Provide online material in all Armenian dialects

These kids who learn English, communicate in English among themselves when they go to preschool. They will not speak about Hayk and Pel, or Arudz Mher, Tsenov Ohan, or Kurgig Chalali, but they will surely remember Rapunzel and Pinocchio, Snow White, and her 7 dwarfs. Anahid, Sosse Mayrig, Rubina, and Lusine Zakarian will not inspire our girls, but Elsa, Anna, and Cinderella will.
This is a reality. In a few years, kids will all speak foreign languages much easier than older generations.
Here comes the reason, when children in the diaspora turn on youtube, they might find eastern Armenian videos and tutorials but they might not understand because it’s not the dialect they hear from their parents.
These videos will not help them in the future when they attend their western dialect teaching schools either.
There was this great nicely-created program “Arevig” by CGF(GULBENKIAN FOUNDATION), that came in CDs but lost its functionality when the smartphones and tablets replaced the computers at our homes.

Already Existing apps

There are some serious applications that were financed by crowdfunding, and created by individuals and later adopted by cultural organizations like Hamazkayin’s Lalan ou Aran. This type of app is very nice but not as inclusive as sophisticated English apps.
Fortunately, during the COVID19 Pandemic lockdown, our organizations and leaders turned to the internet to continue their work. Churches broadcasted live, events were marked virtually, jobs were executed at the comfort of one’s home, many teachers turned to online teaching. All of this was totally refused before, but desperate times call for desperate measures.
One cannot be but proud, to have been part of the online evolution or change that occurred, and the milestones that were marked. The work done especially by teachers received proper acknowledgment and appreciation, as Calouste Gulbenkian Foundation awarded teachers who created Armenian videos in such short notice, that was very impressive but still, they need technical support in design and programming to turn to the level of foreign educational videos quality, not content. This work will be the pillars of and independent Armenian Firewall.

Anti-Armenian Propaganda

Turkey, like its brother Azerbaijan, is actively spreading anti-Armenian Sentiment. Armenians create “The Promise” Turkey offers false facts with “The Ottoman Lieutenant”. Armenians demand Justice, Azerbaijan demands Yerevan. We say the Armenian Genocide, Azerbaijan produces false facts about a fictional Khojaly genocide. We demand Sis Aliyev teaches students Susa is theirs.
Turkish president Erdogan proudly claims that Turkey has penetrated the borders of many neighboring countries. In fact, Turkey has penetrated Arab countries through television serials, financing holy wars, schools, hospitals, universities, etc… granting dual citizenship. So whenever something is needed to be stirred they will take the Turkish flags and demonstrate.

Wishful thinking or hidden Agends

In a recent speech, “Turkey is bigger than Turkey. You have to know that! That’s why we can be imprisoned in 780k km squares (area of Turkey currently), but the size of our physical map and heart map differ.
We have brothers in Kirkuk, Mosul, Hasaka, Aleppo, Homs, Misrata, Jazira, Khrimia, Uskup, Caucasia, that are inside our emotional border not physical, but in our hearts, those cities having Turkish or Ottoman roots.
We will not give permit anyone to limit our history to 90 years only (he means omitting the Ottoman era). and in this framework, we’re going to look into the school books for elementary teaching. We have to unite our culture, our intellect with our (Ottoman) history and culture.”

Importance of investments in Armenian apps

Armenians deserve and like glory and greatness, after all, Noah parked his Ark on Ararat, Hayk fought so he lives freely in Armenia, Tigranes ruled “Sea to Sea”, Mesrop Mashtots was given the Armenian Alphabet by an angel, I wonder if God was involved when he invented the Georgian and Albanian Alphabets as well. Vartan Mamigonian died so that Armenians gain freedom of worship, which translates to freedom of speech…Speaking of Vartan who came from a Chinese clan, according to Pavstos Puzant…An Armenian Firewall is like creating Armenia all over again…
The Western Armenian language became endangered only when the internet world classified it as so. Otherwise, it has endured hundreds of years of Roman, Byzantine, Persian, Seljuk, and Ottoman invasions. In Addition to 100+ years of Diasporan spread, in almost every corner of the world.

Pay their tuition in return

To keep up with the technology challenge nowadays, Armenians have to create their own virtual world, bringing together both Eastern and Western Dialects in one huge matrix that will energize our world for an entire future.
Our Leaders, Organizations, and even businesses, have to invest in the creation of such a system, starting from videos for kids, that are designed by teachers and professionals, coded by programmers for excellent quality. Investing in voiceover movie productions to spread our Eastern Armenian movies(already existing) that tell our story, to western or even foreign languages to spread awareness and facts. Not another online Directory, but a functional communication and interaction Network, with chatting, choosing, paying, etc…functions.
Only with such a strong Armenian firewall Google will recognize Armenian Eastern and Western Dialects, as being frequently used, and no longer endangered, and will enable writers to show their content organically to those who search with both dialects.
Our teachers will have more interesting sessions with their students, and in their free time, kids will have only Armenian to choose from. Connecting all Armenians in the Diaspora and in the Motherland.
The Armenian Firewall is a dream, that has to come true. To those who say it is hard to be accomplished, please check how google gave chances to university students and startups to get together and start experimenting under its premises, giving them challenges to create new games and apps.
Besides, Do Not Worry, whoever will invest in such a dream, will be paid back excessively, because of all the internet monetizing methods available. The only expensive input is trust and unified work as a nation to make it come true.

And don’t worry, look at the Chinese, they are everywhere, they connect with everyone.