Major-Sargis-StepanyanThis video below captured a REALLY UNIQUE moments: Armenian commando Major Sargis Stepanyan who lost his right hand and two legs when taking out his comrade-in-the-arms from a minefield in Nagorno-Karabakh during neutralization saboteur actions from Azerbaijan on 29 July 2014 moving ahead in a swimming pool. And recently this HERO set a record that we hope will be included in the Guinness Book of Records: he lifted 32 kilo weight with left hand 8 times when standing and 20 times when sitting.


A year ago, Major Sargis Stepanyan in repelling the enemy’s subversive action, when he wanted to take out the body of his colleague from the mined area, was injured during mine explosion and deprived of two feet and one hand.

And this year, Major Stepanyan lifted a 32-pound dumbbell 5 times, thereby setting a record that will be registered in the “Armenian Heroes Book” and will be filed with the application for registration in the “Guinness Book of Records”.

I remember, a year ago, he said: “I will not give up. You can live without legs. Much can be done with one hand.” It was like a challenge.

…He came to the editorial alone, in his car.

– During this time, I understood something very important: the most powerful in the world is human love. There is nothing stronger. Next to me are my wife, children, friends, acquaintances, strangers-compatriots. So many people are around me! And these dumbbells I lift for them. For those who will be inspired, proud. For my sons. For those who have no arms or legs. For our Minister, who always calls up and asks about my health, and is proud of my success. I do this in gratitude, I thank God and the people.

– They say that you visited the hospital, and after your conversation with amputated soldier his mood immediately changed.

– I can still be useful to someone.

– And does the state help?

– I do not like this question and do not want to answer. Nobody is obliged to help me. But the Minister, people are helping. I got an apartment, one man named Davit Babayan sent a high-quality dentures from abroad for my birthday. Thank you all! I’ll fly with a parachute, will participate in the World and the European Championships on wrestling, also I want to get admission to the academy. I’m really happy. Happiness is not in having legs. And this is not the prosthesis, by which I walk.

And I repeat to myself: happiness is in human love. And with it you live…