a simple rectangle of brick masonry and brick dome. The length is 16 meters and 14 meters wide. The cursor is inside the square and has four arches, which are mounted on square columns. Views arch and plinth decorated with paintings has been limited. The church altar painting of the medallion has a variety of different flowers and colors that are used bergamot, bright green and bright orange and is in the Navy. The church entrance is decorated with geometric wood is beautiful, the grounds of the church there normal sedimentary rocks used in construction and on the cross that had been dug. On the door with the Armenian church, by cut pieces of straw, that the letters have been knocked out and nail the lid on the text, it is written:
“This truly is God’s door, which draw from the Memorial Church of Mary’s gift. 1876. ”
Although due to the Wiki in the Silk Road, the city has long been the place to come and businessmen and tourists from different religions, but Christianity’s relationship with the city dates back to very long periods. , book of prayers known as the Armenians, and two of the stories listed in the Wiki. The first story about the death of Persian Bishop Abraham and pointed to the testimony of two other bishops, Nanya is the Persian name:
Iranian martyrdom of Bishop Abraham
The Iranian-born bishop Ardoyl (Wiki Current), Gregor and the enlightened saint had come to the episcopacy and ijtihad. His tremendous courage in Ardabil are paid to promote Christianity and Zoroastrianism to Christianity led many of them. Bishop Abraham daring ads sparked outrage priests and their priests, he was arrested and taken to the priest and forced him to kill her, but she spoke of Scripture and the Shah of Iran Sabvsvs (Shapur), and the priest sent priests curse In this case, his head separated from his body and martyred.

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Nanyay bishop with his arrival in the city started to blame Ardvyl the Zoroastrians (fire them respect but not worship Myshmrnd) and bring them to God and faith in Christ to be invited. From the city and her lashes so that they all believed that he died under torture trauma is why Nanya dead body to the corner threw. But after a while Nanya was still open to the intelligence of Christian theology and updates, and while he was martyred.
Armenians Wiki
In the mid-nineteenth century, the Armenians in Tabriz, Ardebil moved and settled there. The number of property owners and Mknt Armenians were Armenians but compared to other parts of Iran were more than welfare. Some of them were artisans and other agencies were responsible for various businesses and Muslim Wiki • the place were good. Between 1880 and 1900 AD, Khachatvr Shahbazian, Altjar of Armenians in Ardebil, was responsible for trade relations with Russia and with tact and firmness in dealing with his people. Thus the Muslim residents of Ardabil and he had the satisfaction of the beneficiaries were his good self. Wiki Armenians with the help of the church and school Khachatvr Shahbazian and the existence and importance of these effects are small, but so far have kept her.
have been diligent in keeping their school and church. It sometimes plays in the school had arranged for a priest, teacher, barber, bath, separate rights have been paid. Because the population of Armenians in Ardabil more than the number of girls than boys, girls comprised the Armenians school students. As long as the railroad did not extend the lives of Armenians in Russia to Tabriz, Ardabil lasted, but once the system was changed and interacting with the Armenians of Tabriz, Ardebil gradually reduced and most of them emigrated to the most important factor associated Armenians of Tabriz, Ardebil along the trade routes – Baku and the commercial exploitation of these factors had an incentive to continue their lives of Armenians in Ardebil and their social exclusion, ethnic, religious and staying away from Tabriz in their number they were more tolerant. Wiki Church in 1876 AD (the Solar 1255) is based. So spend it with family and efforts Galvst Mirzaei Khachatvr Shahbazian was made. The church was active until 1944 AD and 1944 AD, the last rituals and prayers to the sun in 1323 by Rev it is done. Since then the family of Armenian immigrants to perform religious ceremonies in the church of Tabriz and Tehran has been closed. Today, a century-old building is going Ardebil Mary’s Church, Bath accessories, including churches and schools completely destroyed and the destruction of life on the church building itself continues. Even an Armenian family is currently residing in Ardebil. 1370 Church of the Armenians in the Azerbaijani Council, Gary Khalifa in Ardabil cultural heritage management with the financial support the Armenians was to restore the monument and change the space for cultural and artistic use.