ERBIL, Kurdistan Region- The country of Armenia is planning to open a general consulate in the Kurdistan Region’s capital Erbil, special envoy to Iraq Levon Sargsyan announced.

[ad id=”1838″]Armenia’s Ambassador to Iraq Karin Gregorian, and the country’s special envoy, Levan Sargsyan, met on Wednesday with Kurdistan Regional Government Prime Minister Nechirvan Barzani to officially announce the consulate and pledge stronger bilateral ties.

The Armenian diplomats also said the country will offer direct flights from Yerevan, the Armenian capital, to Erbil in near future.

Armenia and the Kurdistan region are also looking to boost economic and cultural ties. Armenia is a land-locked, mountainous nation of an estimated three million people located in the South Caucasus region.

The Kurdistan Region, which remains the relatively prosperous and stable portion of war-torn Iraq, has attracted many multinational corporations that have invested in the energy, construction and tourism. [blog_list style=”def” display=”specific” category=”null” specific=”2003″]