Hélène-Kosséian Bairamian is a Journalist and writer born January 15, 1964 in Neuilly-Sur-Seine, France, in an Armenian-Russian family. At a young age, while studying at the Lycée Montaigne, she has participated in Russian Olympiad in 1981 (Russian competitions among all high schools in France) winning a gold medal. Later on she has studied at the University of Assas Law (Paris II), obtaining a Masters degree in International and European Law in 1988.
At the age of 18 while studying, she works as a writing and oral reporter for the Public Hospitals of Paris Magazine, France-Armenia, then to Armenian News Magazine.
She is the co-author of The Renaissance Armenia documentary directed by Robert Kéchichian, and has published her first book alongside Arsène Tchakarian.

Her first documentary on Armenia, has been released during the” Year of Armenia in France” (2006), today Helen Kosséian tells about her roots, in a book, at the end of the commemorations of the centennial of the Armenian Genocide, Helen Kosséian presents her new book « L’Arménie au cœur de la mémoire » “Armenia in the heart of memory.”

The teacher who left the capital and moved with her husband to Tours, hasn’t written her book with a historian approach. “I wanted to make a public book for people who do not know the history of Armenia,” says the author however the book “is not confined to genocide.”
“I scanned the 100-year history of the Armenians. “Hélène Kosséian evokes their arrival in France, the participation of young Armenians in the 1980 Resistance attacks …
In her work, she delivers the key dates in the history of Armenia. “This is a country that suffers from an image problem” admits Helen Kosséian. Recently, a journalist decided to go discover this country after having interviewed her. “I’m delighted because few people know that there is so much wealth in this country. ”
In the book, we also find names of famous Armenian artists who settled around the world. “Most of them are also very well integrated in their host countries. “