For at least the past 30 decades, we had been anticipating the Centennial of the Genocide to strike with Turkish Recognition. April 24 2015 arrived with further denial.

As the days were getting closer, there was a wave of recognition, and resolutions criminalizing denial, meanwhile Turkish authorities were responding with only more denial and even formulating more deceptions to defend their case.

The moment came and Armenians all around the globe were dynamically united in raising awareness and demanding Justice, vowing to never forget. And it felt like never better as if the adrenaline was going to trigger a Recognition Tsunami Worldwide.

Then came, then U.S. President, Barak Obama’s sort of denial, he who had promised to ask for justice for the Victims of the Armenian Genocide, now failed to name it.
It never happened as Turkey still continues to deny, but the tsunami took place in the hearts of those who have a conscience. More people learned the facts and joined the Armenians in asking for a fair closure.

Due to political interests, the Armenian Genocide was intentionally hidden, omitted and forgotten from the memories of none Armenians. The efforts of the descendants were not in vain, but they lead to the resurrection of the international demand for justice for the Armenian Genocide.

Today we have advocates like Sir Elton John, George and Amal Clooney, and many more; in addition to Dean Cain and Montel Williams, who have traveled to Armenia and prepared a documentary featuring survivors to further spread the truth until justice is served.

Architects of Denial 

               A genocide DENIED…is a genocide CONTINUED

Architects of Denial - Documentary. Support this project 3

Executive Producers: Dean Cain and Montel Williams 

Special Guest: Julian Assange

We are very fortunate as our documentary is complete!

Our film is scheduled to be released theatrically in October 2017 in limited theaters.

In the world of documentaries, the most difficult hurdle it getting the word out!

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Architects of Denial is a first person account of genocide through the eyes of survivors. Also included are several experts who graphically illustrate the real connection between its historical ‘denial’ with present day mass exterminations in conflict zones around the world. This film warns that those responsible for genocides who are not brought to justice and confronted with the truth of their crimes, will only set the stage for more worldwide massacres in the future.

A genocide DENIED… is a genocide CONTINUED

From Darfur to Kurdistan, Cambodia to Syria, Azerbaijan to Armenia –


In this film, we share new insight into genocide from WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, FBI Whistleblower and journalist Sibel Edmonds, US Ambassador John Evans, Genocide Watch founder Dr. Gregory Stanton and a host of eye-witnesses and survivors who reveal how easily the world turns away from the horror of mass extermination for political and economic convenience.

For over a century Turkey continues to deny its role in the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians. For the Turks the genocide never happened, but for the Armenians, it has never ended as documented here in a recent assault of April 2016.

Julian Assange
Julian Assange


These are the genocides in which there are no political advantages to publicize nor to end them which is why they continue…where scores of men, women and children continue to be brutally and strategically… ELIMINATED.

Risks and challenges

For over a century Turkey continues to deny its role in the massacre of 1.5 million Armenians.

For the Turks the genocide never happened, but for the Armenians, it has never ended (as documented in our film) as recent as an assault in April 2016.

This can not continue!

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