In a video surfaced today on social Media, posted by 1tvblog, Armenian singer songwriter Arapo Ispiryan, son of famous Revolutionary singer Nersik Ispiryan, proposes to the love of his life live on Stage in front of a huge audience on 11․06․2017.

In the video he is seen on stage, stating that he would like to have a happier life inviting his love to join him on stage, and asking her if she would like to accept his marriage proposal, and she said Yes! The audience came together to applaud and cheer for several minutes, as he sang a segment of his song “Anneman”.

The 28 years old Artist, who moved to The United States of America with his family when he was only 8, has been going on tours around the world and opening for Nersik Ispiryan as well as various Armenian singers. Arabo’s breathtaking voice and inspiring performances astonish his audience continuously leaving them hungry for more.

Arapo is famous for his “Tun Im Hayreni”, “Pit Pashtpanem” and many more Revolutionary and Romantic songs that stole our hearts.

The Ispiryans had moved to The United States of America because of pressure from Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s anti-nationalist government, against Nersik Ispiryan and other pro-Dashnak figures in mid-1990s. (Wiki)