Aram Ateshyan

Aram Ateshyan

Aram Ateshyan Vacates for Successor Garegin Bekchyan
Source Arminfo

Aram Ateshyan, the Ex-Locum tenens of Constantinople bishopric of the Armenian Apostolic Church, at last, agreed to leave the post gratis sport ebooks downloaden.

Today he came out with an appropriate statement recognizing the new Locum tenens, Garegin Bekchyan.

In his message addressing the Armenian community of Turkey, Ateshyan called to support Bekchyan in the name of the bishopric bmf belegcheck app herunterladen. He stated also that all his actions were motivated just and only by the interests of the Armenian community and bishopric, accentuating that there is no any disagreement between him and Bekchyan tetris spiele kostenlos downloaden.

Moreover, the ex-locum tenens of Constantinople Bishopric caused the anger of Armenian community of turkey with his pro-Turkish activities. The Armenian community made appropriate efforts to assign elections for new locum tenens, and the post went to Garegin Bekchyan outlook 2011 bilder automatisch herunterladen. However, for a pretty long time, he could not get to his post because the previous locum tenens did not want to leave it.

To remind, the archbishop of Constantinople bishopric Mesrop Mutafyan is in a coma since 2008 fortnite downloaden computer.

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