Armenia & Artsakh In 4K drone footage

Apo Avedissian recently came back from a trip to Armenia and Artsakh and prepared a 12-minute film of 17 popular sites shot entirely in 4K with a drone.

There are currently plenty of short, few-locations-at-a-time drone videos done on a novice level online. This film takes a different turn – it’s made for the family to gather around and watch together and either reminisce or plan to visit.

Apo Avedissian

Apo Avedissian

Amberd & Vahramashen | Ampert
Lori Berd | Lori Pert
Gyumri | Kyumri – Holy Saviour’s Church
Garni | Karni
Geghard | Keghart *
Sevanavank & Lake Sevan
Khor Virap | Khor Virab
Tatev Monastery | Datev **
Ghazanchetsots – Holy Savior Cathedral
Gandzasar | Kandzasar
Tigranakert | Dikranagerd
Stepanakert (We Are Our Mountains) | Sdepanagerd
Zvartnots *
Sardarapat Memorial | Sartarabad

Apo Avedissian in Armenia and Artsakh roadmap

Apo Avedissian in Armenia and Artsakh roadmap

* UNESCO World Heritage Site

** Wings of Tatev holds the Guinness World Record for the longest non-stop reversible aerial tramway.

About Apo Avedissian

Apo was born in Baghdad, Iraq. He fell in love with the motherland from his family and the Armenian elementary school he attended in Baghdad. “I remember the very first time that I drew Mount Ararat. I had added a huge, ocean-sized body of water around it – The teacher sat down next to me and explained the proportions of the actual Aras/Arax River to the humongous, unrealistic size of Sis and Masis.” Like any long-distance relationship, he sank deeper and deeper in love with the motherland all through photos and paintings, until it was time to meet the love of his life physically and be present in the places he only knew of in details on maps and photos.

In June of 2018, with the help of Mano Azrenkassian, he filmed Armenia and Artsakh. He has included all the beauty of our motherland in a 12-minute clip, in order to introduce every family in the diaspora to the beloved motherland.

The musical credits go to Sergei Avakyan of LA.

“My ultimate goal would be to have everyone bring their families and friends together, put their phones down for 12 minutes, and watch this short together on a TV or, realistically, anything bigger than a phone screen – to make this an experience.”

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