Colonel Aida Serobyan

After a long break, Today, we wished to tell you about a participant in the war in Artsakh, chairwoman of “Women’s Public Organization”, Colonel of Medical Service Doctor Aida Serobyan.

She first got involved in the Artsakh Rescue Service in Martakert, when she was 32, in 1992. Was awarded the “Mother’s Gratitude to the Courageous” medal in 1993. In 1994, she joined the 52nd battalion of the Shushi regiment as a doctor.

Aida has established and heads the Organization of Women Participants of the Artsakh War, which aims to help the Armenian women war veterans and their families.

Aida is a lecturer at the Yerevan State Humanitarian College and at the Republic of Armenia’s Armed Forces, teaching preliminary military training and first aid. 

Aypoupen hadn’t been publishing the usual entertaining and educational material about Armenia and Armenians, ever since the start of the war. Instead, we chose to concentrate on our news section to help spread the truth about the situation. However, we believe an Armenian woman such as Colonel Aida is one to be proud of and deserves to be recognized as a Hero all over the world.

Colonel Aida Seobyan
Artsakh Rescue Service

Armenians United As One For Artsakh

Ever since the start of the war In Artsakh, all Armenians, living in Armenia or in the Diaspora, feel the urge to do whatever is in their power to contribute to achieving the best end result. We are all trying to make sure, that the innocent souls we have lost so far were not martyred in vein, but in order to secure a better future for our young generation.

Children, men, women, students, university students, teachers, lecturers, laborers, artists, villagers, are working hand in hand, all united, to provide the needs of our Defense Army, and to facilitate their mission.

Social Media War About Artsakh

Social media is full of pictures of protests, interviews, fundraising events, and artwork, and photos of heroes, fallen or alive and kicking…

Then there are the bullying, negative comments and harassing statements by azeri accounts, aiming to falsify the news or the information, sometimes ridiculously and sometimes violently.

One circulating photo in particular, that go our attention is that of an Armenian Lady, probably in her sixties, in camouflage jacket driving a truck, attached to an older picture from 30 years ago, during the Artsakh Struggle.

Colonel Aida Serobyan: Brave Armenian Woman in Artsakh 1
Student and Teacher

Student Lusine Topchyan about Colonel Aida Serobyan

“About 15 years ago, I was one of the luckiest students, who had an opportunity to be in Colonel Aida Serobyan’s class, who has been awarded the Medal of Courage, who took part in the Artsakh Liberation War in 1992-1994, and these days she is on the front line with our soldiers and volunteers.

I remember when she entered the class, we thought she would be very strict but when she started greeting with a smile and talking about the peculiarities of military studies, she became one of our favorite lecturers at Yerevan State College of Humanities. At that time, we could not even imagine her past path, what she did, and what a brave woman she is.

She did not like to talk about what she has done, she liked to talk about what other soldiers have done and what pride she felt to stand with our heroes. She is also a heroine but she doesn’t realize and accept it as the real heroes don’t think that they are heroes and their contributions are various, but they have one common goal: to protect our homeland, our people by endangering or even sacrificing their own life.

Every Armenian should learn a lot of things from our Colonel Aida Serobyan: first of all, bravery and how to love and take care of our homeland as our own family. This time the victory will again be ours because one of our heroes Colonel Aida Serobyan is also on the front line. Let all our soldiers and volunteers come back home safe, healthy, and let peace come soon. “

We thank Lusine Topchyan, for sharing with us, the difference Colonel Aida Serobyan has made in her life, its because of her kind that we will win.