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On the centenary of the Armenian genocide, eight writers from Turkey post this letter to their fellow Armenians.

Hasan Cemal is a Turkish journalist, writer, and the grandson of Djemal Pasha. He was the editor of Cumhuriyet from 1981 to 1992, and of Sabah from 1992 to 1998.
Born: 1944, Istanbul, Turkey

Perihan Mağden is a Turkish writer. She was a columnist for the newspaper Taraf. She was tried and acquitted for calling for opening the possibility of conscientious objection to mandatory military service in Turkey.
Born: August 20, 1960, Istanbul, Turkey

Cengiz Çandar is a Turkish journalist, senior columnist, and a Middle East expert. He is the author of bestseller Mezopotamya Ekspresi- Bir Tarih Yolculugu, which has been translated into various languages, including Kurdish and Arabic.
Born: 1948, Ankara, Turkey

Hasan Cemal - The Grandson Of Djemal PashaOya Baydar is a Turkish sociologist and writer. For a long time she was involved in socialist politics.
Born: January 1, 1940, Istanbul, Turkey

Murat Belge is an outspoken Leftist Turkish intellectual, academic, translator, literary critic, columnist, civil rights activist, and occasional tour guide.
Born: March 16, 1943, Ankara, Turkey

Adalet Ağaoğlu is a Turkish novelist and playwright. She is considered one of the foremost novelists of 20th century Turkish literature. She has also written essays, memoirs, and short stories.
Born: October 13, 1929, Nallıhan, Turkey

Ahmet Hüsrev Altan is a Turkish journalist and author. A working journalist for more than twenty years, he has served in all stages of the profession, from being a night shift reporter to editor in chief in various newspapers.
Born: 1950, Ankara, Turkey