1st International festival ”Happy Planet” Tsaghkadzor
invites Armenians, children and adults of other nationalities, artists’ groups and individuals.

The festival is being held in Tsaghakdzor, which is located in Armenian region Kotayk and is considered to be developed tourism resort. The city was fascinated with its mild and healthy climate. A ropeway was built on Tsaghkadzor’s picturesque mountains in 1972, which led to development of mountain skiing sport. Here is also the home-museum of famous Armenian scientists Orbely’s brothers.
Artists’ groups and individuals, invited from various countries, are going to take part to the festival. The organizers of festival are the municipality of Tsaghakdzor and ”Aygek” dance studio. The festival will help to find out talented participants, who can become masters in the future. The main purposes of organizers are the expansion of children’s and adults’ art, the communication of leaders and adults from different countries, the exchange of classical and modern art works and the introduction with Armenia’s sights.

 Terms and conditions of festival:

The festival consists of 2 parts: competitive and non-competitive. Participants can take part in both if they want.
Festival sections and conditions:
Musical section
Solo, duet, trio, quartet and groups can participate in this section.
  • Folk song
  • Classic song
  • Estrade song – In this section participants must present 2 works. One of them must be in native language , another in any foreign language.
  • Classical musical instruments
  • Folklore musical instruments
Choreography’ section
Solo, duet, trio, quartet and groups can participate in this section.
  • Folk dance
  • Classic ballet
  • Modern ballet
  • Ball dance – duets and groups
  • Characteristic dance
  • Contemporary dances – these styles can be used:
a) jazz d) disco
b) contamporent e) free dance
c) grime
  • Street dance – participant must correspond to town style, which includes:
a) Hip –hop d) Lockings popping
b) Break dance e) Krumping
c) New style f) Clown dancing
  • Sport dance (ball dance) – duets and groups
Creative art
  • Open-air painting

Non-standard art for adults.

  • Circus acrobatic
  • Pantomime
 Events during the festival:
  • Entertainment program
  • Visit to the museum
  • Disco
  • Exchange of cultures among participating groups
  • Visit to the beach “Sevan”
  • Ropeway
  • Master classes

Age groups:

A group: up to 7 years old
1 group: 7 – 10 years old
2 group: 11 – 14 years old
3 group: 15 – 18 years old
4 group: 19 years and older
Conditions of competitive section:
Musical section
  • Estrade song – In this section participants must present 2 works. One of them must be in native language , another in any foreign language.
  • Folklore song
– Participants under 14 years old should present 2 works. It’s allowed to use sinback or back vocal for them.
– Participants in age of 14 and older should present their works without sinback or back vocal.
  • Classic song – In this section each participant should present 2 compositions.
  • Classical and folk musical instruments – In this section each participant should present 2 compositions, keeping classic and folk arts’ elements.
Note: The length of each composition shouldn’t exceed 5 minutes. In the application form of festival the following information should be filled: the name of composition, the author and the duration.
Choreography section
Individuals, groups, duets, trio, quartet can participate in this section.
  • Folk dance – every group or participant should present 2 dances, each of them should have duration less than 5 minutes. Dances should be performed with national music and traditional costumes.
Suggestion: It’s preferable to have a topic and scenic orientation for dances.
  • Classic and Modern Ballet – The participant should present 2 performances, each of them shouldn’t exceed 10 minutes. The original classic dance or its new interpretation should be presented. The performance should be corresponding to classical dance and the elements of dance should align with the grammar of classic dance. The performances should be suitable to the age of participants.
  • Modern Dance – Two dances should be presented in this section and the length of each performance shouldn’t be more than 5 minutes. Dancers should have appropriate costumes and music.
  • Characteristic dance – this dance should express the characters of that nation, living habits, singularity and difference of national dance. Two dances should be presented in this section, with less than 5 minutes of length for each of them.
  • Sport and ball dance – To take part in this section, groups should consist of at least 4 dance couples or 8 dancers. Groups should present 2 dances and the length of each dance should not exceed 5 minutes (including the entry and exit).
Note: The name of dance, the author, the composer and the length of dance should be filled in festival’s application form.
Creative art section
In this section 3 painting should be presented with the 50/70cm maximum sizes (painting materials have no limit).
The topics of open-air painting are:
  • City Tsaghkadzor in two seasons of year with the imagination of participants
  • Blue Like Sevan
It is important to write the full name (including father’s name) of participant, his/her age, country, city and the name of leader on the back part of painting. Winners should hand their paintings to the organizers of festival. Participants should paint with their own materials.

Evaluation Criteria:

  • The technique of performance
  • The art of performance and scenic (theatrical) mastery
  • The singularity and originality of composition
  • The costumes, used during the performance
The festival is going to be held in city Tsaghkadzor from 6 to 10 of July, 2015.
1. The organizers have rights to freely video record, photograph, record and share the full process of festival.
2. The competition juries have rights to select those awarded participants, who can participate in Gala-Concert.
3. The organizers of festival are going to have technical conference with the groups’ leaders on 4th and 5th of July.
4. The leaders of groups are having meeting with the members of juries and will receive comments about their participations in the mornings of 8-10 July.
5. The ceremony of giving awards is going to be held on 10 of July, 2015.
6. The schedule of rules should be approved by the organization committee within 5 days prior to the start of competition. Further changes on that schedule will not be allowed.


A certificate, medal and award will be handed to the participants of each section and age group, who will hold 1st, 2nd and 3rd competitive places. The groups and individual participants, who will not win in any competition will receive a certificate of participation.
The best groups will be awarded in different nominations:
1. The best performance (dance)
2. The best costume (dance)
3. The best dancing technique
4. The best scenic mastery
5. The sympathy of spectators
6. The best folklore dancing ensemble
7. The best modern dancing ensemble
8. The best sport dancing ensemble
9. The best ballet ensemble
10. The best characteristic ensemble
11. The best musical group
12. The best choir
13. The best painter
14. The best circus ensemble
15. The best pantomime ensemble
16. The best musical technique
17. The best vocal ensemble
The best participant will be awarded with the ’’Grand prize’’.


1. The fare for arrival and departure should be paid by the groups. The organizers will take care of transferring participants from the international airport “Zvartnots” to the venue of festival. The groups, who travel to Armenia with their own buses, should use them for all local transportation throughout the festival program.
2. The participants should have medical insurance, as the organizers of festival are not responsible for any incident.
3. The groups will choose to stay in hotels, which have 2, 3, 4 and 5 stars, with 3 times food included (breakfast, lunch, dinner). 30 percent of payment deposit for hotels should be paid in advance up to 31st of May. The remaining part of payment should be done on arrival.

Festival participation fee:

  • Group pay – 25 euro (for each participant)
  • Individuals, solo, duet, trio, quartet pay – 35 euro (for each participant)
Participants will receive shirt of festival, poster, and each group will receive a certificate, a cup and a poster with the name of that group on it.
Many entertaining programs are going to be held during the festival – visit to National Museum, excursion with the tour guide through the city of Tsaghkadzor, festival concert, visit to “Sevan” beach, ropeway, exchange of national dances, master classes, and a disco.
Program of Festival:
04.07 – 05.07 Arrival of participants, their registration in hotels.
Technical conference between Festival Organization
Committee and Group Leaders.
The conference hours: 12:00, 15:00, 18:00
06.07 Meeting of municipality of Tsaghkadzor with the group leaders,
exchange of national souvenirs. Rehearsals on the stage until
15:00  At 18:00, the openning of festival with parad, raising of
national flags near the stage in the square of city Tsakhkadzor,
introducing participants.
07.07 The start of open – air painting at 11:00.
07.07 – 09.07 The competitive program by festival schedule.
10.07 The award of prizes and Gala concert at 18:00.