10 days in Armenia

Flying into Yerevan

Meet Jordan Simons, he is a Travel Videographer, Photographer and blogger, who has traveled to many countries in the world, since 2014.

After climbing Kilimajaro, studying martial arts in China, attempting a marathon on the Great Wall of China, he has helped build playgrounds & classrooms for children in Cambodia, Thailand, Philippines & Tanzania. He has also raced around Sri Lanka in a Tuk-Tuk, been on the world’s highest bungee jump in Macao…
“Now I document my life with videos and photos and get to do more of the things I love!”

10 days in Armenia.

He starts his first-day tour of 10 days in Armenia in Yerevan. He takes the Yerevan Free Walking Tour, that ends at the offices of Hike Armenia. 
He is joining Armenia Trails Expedition, with a couple of experts who are establishing the new route in Armenia.

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hiking in Armenia

“We’re now hiking and horse riding along the ancient silk road in Armenia. This where people traveled for thousands of years from Europe to Asia and this beautiful area is rich in history. It was also my first ever time horse riding through the countryside.”

Nature greets him with “pretty heavy hail”, but he praises the hospitality of the friendly Armenian people, and how they open their homes for him although they don’t understand a word of English. Guesthouses, hotels, and Camping that might not seem very exciting to tourists is where he gets to taste Armenian coffee and food, tries shooting, he learns a few Armenian phrases and even milks a cow.

Hike Armenia Tweeted: Last month we invited 16 hikers from 14 different countries to experience the sights, sounds, and tastes of #Armenia for the first time. The result was nothing short of magical.”

“It’s day three of walking through Armenia and we’re in Dilijan National Park on the way to Goshavank. Armenia really feels like an untouched part of the world and walking through the natural trails seems like the perfect way to travel through the country.”

Jordan shares amazing footage of what awaits every visitor in our beloved motherland. “Armenia might be a country that a lot of people skip” he encourages tourists to visit un-touched Armenia before it gets more crowded. He is amazed by the people and nature and food, but not just in Yerevan.